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Compile GLSL/HLSL/WGSL and inline SPIR-V right inside your crate.

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inline-spirv and jit-spirv ease the way you write shaders. Although as game developers, we usually compile a permutation of shader stages for different objects and materials at runtime for the best flexibility; sometimes we do want to try out some new ideas and start up dirty. This crate helps you compile GLSL/HLSL shader in your Rust code, or in external files, into SPIR-V; and embed them right inside the binary, so you are freed from all the compilation hassle.

How to Use

To inline shader source:

use inline_spirv::include_spirv;

let spv: &'static [u32] = inline_spirv!(r#"
    #version 450 core
    void main() { gl_Position = vec4(0, 0, 0, 1); }
"#, vert);

To include a external shader source file:

use inline_spirv::include_spirv;

let spv: &'static [u32] = include_spirv!("assets/vert.hlsl", vert, hlsl, entry="Main");

To compile a runtime shader source just-in-time:

use jit_spirv::{jit_spirv, CompilationFeedback};

let feedback: CompilationFeedback = jit_spirv!(r#"
    #version 450
    layout(binding=0) writeonly buffer _0 { float data[]; };
    void main() {
        data[gl_GlobalInvocationID.x] = 1.0;
"#, comp).unwrap();
let spv: &[u32] = &feedback.spv;

To include a precompiled SPIR-V binary:

use inline_spirv::include_spirv;

let spv: &'static [u32] = include_spirv!("assets/vert.spv");

For the full list of options please refer to the documentation.


The macro can be verbose especially you have a bunch of #includes, so please be aware of that you can alias and define a more customized macro for yourself:

use inline_spirv::include_spirv as include_spirv_raw;

macro_rules! include_spirv {
    ($path:expr, $stage:ident) => {
            $stage, hlsl,
            D ANOTHER_VERBOSE_DEFINITION="verbose definition substitution",
            I "long/path/to/include/directory",

// ...
let vert: &[u32] = include_spirv!("examples/demo/assets/demo.hlsl", vert);


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Compile GLSL/HLSL/WGSL and inline SPIR-V right inside your crate.

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