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Language files for the Windows on Raspberry imager.

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This repository contains the language files for the Windows on Raspberry imager tool.

Project page: https://www.worproject.ml


Updates or new language files can be submitted through pull requests or by creating an issue and attaching the translation file to it. See the status of the existing translations below.


  • The file structure is very similar to INI configuration files.

  • Strings/characters between curly braces must NOT be deleted as they're replaced by the application with the appropriate string.

Issues related to the WoR tool should be reported on the dedicated bug tracker, not on this repository!

Currently supported languages

Language Filename Status Contributors
Čeština (Czech) cs-CZ.lng Outdated martindrey , Nuparu00 , lukajin
Deutsch (German) de-DE.lng Outdated BastiJames333 , Schule04 , NASS-eK
English en-US.lng Complete Mario Bălănică
Español (Spanish) es-ES.lng Outdated Ivan Ruiz (ivigamergames)
Français (French) fr-FR.lng Outdated Garfi69
Hrvatski (Croatian) hr-HR.lng Outdated Biggie
Italiano (Italian) it-IT.lng Outdated xicciodj , lorecast162
Magyar (Hungarian) hu-HU.lng Outdated Janaboy , Googulator
Polski (Polish) pl-PL.lng Outdated macmmm81 , Gotard , Marcinoo97
Português (Portuguese) pt-PT.lng Outdated Miguel Couto
Română (Romanian) ro-RO.lng Complete Mario Bălănică
Türkçe (Turkish) tr-TR.lng Outdated pixelomer
Русский (Russian) ru-RU.lng Outdated Andryshik345 , beeoss
Українська (Ukrainian) uk-UA.lng Outdated Volodymyr Borodaykevych
한국어 (Korean) ko-KR.lng Outdated rlatn1234 , Raccooni
日本語 (Japanese) ja-JP.lng Outdated imai9999
简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) zh-CN.lng Outdated thchi12 , nyaruko , Meaqua233
繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) zh-TW.lng Outdated ConashinChen


Language files for the Windows on Raspberry imager.