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Authors: Matthias Mueller, Neil Smith and Bernard Ghanem

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License: See LICENSE file

If you use any of this work please cite:
Matthias Mueller, Neil Smith, Bernard Ghanem
"Context-Aware Correlation Filter Tracking"
Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2017) [Oral]

Running trackers on test sequences

Every trackers comes with one sequence from OTB100. Simply run the function run_tracker. If you would like to run a different sequence copy its folder into the sequences folder. Then change the video name in the run_tracker function.

Running trackers on OTB benchmark

Copy the trackers into the folder trackers of the benchmark. Add the following to the config_trackers function.

 trackersCA = {struct('name','MOSSE_CA','namePaper','MOSSE_CA'),...     

trackers = trackersCA;

Looking for a large-scale dataset for tracking?

Check out TrackingNet. Instructions on how to download the dataset can be found here.


License:MIT License


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