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List of Android Libraries Awesome

A curated list of awesome Android libraries. Feel free to contrubute.

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No. Name Description
01 Retrofit Type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java by Square, Inc.
02 Fast-Android-Networking Fast Android Networking Library is a powerful library for doing any type of networking in Android applications which is made on top of OkHttp Networking Layer
03 ion Android Asynchronous Networking and Image Loading
04 Async Http Client Asynchronous Http and WebSocket Client library for Java
05 OkHttp An HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications
06 android-async-http An asynchronous, callback-based Http client for Android built on top of Apache's HttpClient libraries
07 unirest-java Unirest in Java: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library
08 AndroidAsync AndroidAsync is a low level network protocol library
09 autobahn-java WebSocket & Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) in Java for Android and Java 8
10 android-upload-service Easily upload files (FTP / Multipart / Binary) in the background with progress indication notification
11 robospice Repo of the Open Source Android library : RoboSpice. RoboSpice is a modular android library that makes writing asynchronous long running tasks easy
12 NetworkEvents Android library listening network connection state and change of the WiFi signal strength with event bus
13 node-android Run Node.js on Android by rewrite Node.js in Java with the compatible API


No. Name Description
01 Gson A Java serialization/deserialization library to convert Java Objects into JSON and back
02 moshi A modern JSON library for Android and Java
03 ig-json-parser Fast JSON parser for java projects
04 Jackson Formerly known as the standard JSON library for Java

Image Loader

No. Name Description
01 Glide An image loading and caching library for Android focused on smooth scrolling
02 Fresco An Android library for managing images and the memory they use
03 ion Android Asynchronous Networking and Image Loading
04 Picasso A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android
05 Universal Image Loader Powerful and flexible library for loading, caching and displaying images on Android
06 Keyframes A library for converting Adobe AE shape based animations to a data format and playing it back on Android and iOS devices


No. Name Description
01 RxJava2Interop Library to convert between RxJava 1.x and 2.x reactive types
02 ReactiveNetwork Android library listening network connection state and Internet connectivity with RxJava Observables
03 Rx.Network Observe Android's CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE broadcasts using RxJava
04 ReactiveWiFi Android library listening available WiFi Access Points and related information with RxJava Observables
05 Android-ReactiveLocation Small library that wraps Google Play Service API in brilliant RxJava Observables reducing boilerplate to minimum
06 RxFile Rx methods to get a File and Image or Video thumbnails from a Document Provider on Android (Drive, Dropbox etc)
07 RxDownload Multi-thread download tool based on RxJava
08 rx-preferences Reactive SharedPreferences for Android
09 Rx.ContentObservable The RxAndroid creators decided to remove APIs deemed "not absolutely fundamental to all apps" beginning in the library's v1.0.0 release
10 RxAndroidBle RxAndroidBle is a powerful painkiller for Android's Bluetooth Low Energy headaches. It is backed by RxJava, implementing complicated APIs as handy reactive observables
11 RxNetty Reactive Extension (Rx) Adaptor for Netty

Background Processing

No. Name Description
01 Android Priority Job Queue A Job Queue specifically written for Android to easily schedule jobs (tasks) that run in the background, improving UX and application stability
02 android-job Android library to handle jobs in the background
03 Zorn Async Workers and Worker managers for Android
04 Bolts Bolts is a collection of low-level libraries designed to make developing mobile apps easier
05 Tape A lightning fast, transactional, file-based FIFO for Android and Java


No. Name Description
01 EventBus Android optimized event bus that simplifies communication between Activities, Fragments, Threads, Services, etc
02 AndroidEventBus A lightweight eventbus library for android, simplifies communication between Activities, Fragments, Threads, Services, etc
03 Otto An enhanced Guava-based event bus with emphasis on Android suppor
04 drekkar An Android event bus for WebView and JS


No. Name Description
01 storio Beautiful API for SQLiteDatabase and ContentResolver
02 DBFlow A blazing fast, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library that writes database code for you
03 DBFlowManager A quick and easy database manager plugin library for your DBFlow databases
04 Cupboard Cupboard for Android is simple persistence that gets out of your way and is easy to add to your existing code base
05 sugar Insanely easy way to work with Android Database
06 sqlbrite A lightweight wrapper around SQLiteOpenHelper which introduces reactive stream semantics to SQL operations.
07 sqlbrite-migrations
08 Android-Orma A lightning-fast ORM for Android as a wrapper of SQLiteDatabase
09 SquiDB is a simple SQLite database layer for Android
10 LitePal An Android library that allows developers to use SQLite database extremely easy.
11 SQLiteProvider Extended SQLite functionality for Android
12 android-database-sqlcipher Android SQLite API based on SQLCipher
13 realm-java Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & ORMs
14 android-realm-asset-helper A small library to help with Realm.IO integration in Android apps
15 ActiveAndroid Active record style SQLite persistence for Android
16 requery modern SQL based query & persistence for Java / Kotlin / Android
17 sqlitemagic Compile time processed, annotation driven, no reflection SQLite database layer for Android
18 AndroidQuery AndroidQuery is an Android ORM for SQLite and ContentProvider which focuses on easy of use and performances thanks to annotation processing and code generation
19 RestorableSQLiteDatabase A wrapper to replicate android's SQLiteDatabase with restoring capability.
20 sqldelight Generates Java models from CREATE TABLE statements
21 TriOrm a 3d database ORM experiment
22 EasyDB An Easier & Lazier approach to SQL database for Android
23 Android-Room-Database-Backup Simple tool to backup and restore your room database in Android


No. Name Description
01 Couchbase-Lite-Android Lightweight, embedded, syncable NoSQL database engine for Android
02 SnappyDB A key-value database for Android
03 SimpleNoSQL A simple NoSQL client for Android. Meant as a document store using key/value pairs and some rudimentary querying. Useful for avoiding the hassle of SQL code
04 RxSimpleNoSQL Reactive extensions for SimpleNoSQL


No. Name Description
01 Dagger 2 A fast dependency injector for Android and Java
02 Butter Knife Bind Android views and callbacks to fields and methods
03 AndroidAnnotations Fast Android Development. Easy maintainance
04 transfuse A Dependency Injection and Integration framework for Google Android
05 Favor A easy way to use android sharepreference
06 preferencebinder A SharedPreference "injection" library for Android
07 barber A custom view styling library for Android that generates the obtainStyledAttributes() and TypedArray boilerplate code for yo
08 android-contentprovider-generator A tool to generate Android ContentProviders
09 javapoet A Java API for generating .java source files
10 parceler Android Parcelables made easy through code generation
11 auto-parcel Android Parcelable models made easy
12 Icepick Android Instance State made easy
13 icicle An annotation based tool for saving and restoring instance states
14 Akatsuki Android states and arguments made easy with annotations
15 fragmentargs Annotation Processor for setting arguments in android fragments
16 ActivityStarter Simple Android Library, that provides easy way to start the Activities with arguments
17 IntentBuilder Type safe intent building for services and activities
18 OnActivityResult OnActivityResult annotation compiler for Android


No. Name Description
01 AndroidUtilCode Android developers should collect the following utils
02 essentials General purpose utilities and hash functions for Android and Java
03 AndroidCommons Various useful utilities for Android apps development
04 caffeine A collection of utility classes that help make Android development faster (and safer!)
05 JustWeTools Some useful tools
06 colorize Access to 1000+ colors on android
07 android-intents A small library which will save you from writing the same intent creation code again and again for the most simple tasks
08 phrase Phrase is an Android string resource templating library
09 android_dbinspector Android library for viewing and sharing in app databases
10 slinger Slinger - deep linking library for Android
11 easydeviceinfo Get device information in a super easy way
12 seismic Android device shake detection
13 AndroidProcesses Get running processes on Android
14 AndroidProcess determine whether App is in the foreground or background
15 Foredroid Utility for detecting and notifying when your Android app goes background / becomes foreground
16 apk-parser Apk parser lib for java
17 APKParser APK parser for Android
18 uber-apk-signer A tool that helps signing and zip aligning single or multiple Android application packages (APKs) with either debug or provided release certificates. It supports v1 and v2 Android signing scheme has embedded a debug keystore and auto verifies after signing
19 wire Clean, lightweight protocol buffers for Android and Java
20 thrifty Thrift for Android that saves you methods
21 CalDAV/CardDAV DAVdroid is an award-winning open-source CalDAV/CardDAV synchronization app for Android 4+
22 cling UPnP/DLNA library for Java and Android
23 CastCompanionLibrary-android CastCompanionLibrary-android is a library project to enable developers integrate Cast capabilities into their applications faster and easier
24 RoboGif A small utility to record Android device screen to a GIF
25 android-storage Create, read, delete, append, encrypt files and more, on internal or external disk spaces with a really simple API
26 libaums Open source library to access USB Mass Storage devices on Android without rooting your device


No. Name Description
01 hawk Secure, simple key-value storage for Android
02 ConcealSharedPreference-Android Android Secure SharedPreferences Using Facebook Conceal Encryption
03 Treasure Very easy to use wrapper library for Android SharePreferences
04 tray A SharedPreferences replacement for Android with multiprocess support
05 esperandro Easy SharedPreference Engine foR ANDROid
06 TypedPreferences Preference wrappers for primitive types for Android


No. Name Description
01 ThreeTenABP An adaptation of the JSR-310 backport for Android
02 Joda Time Android Joda-Time library with Android specialization
03 truetime-android Android NTP time library. Get the true current time impervious to device clock time changes

Image Processing

No. Name Description
01 pollexor Java client for the Thumbor image service which allows you to build URIs in an expressive fashion using a fluent API
02 GPUImage for Android Android filters based on OpenGL (idea from GPUImage for iOS)
03 Compressor An android image compression library
04 Tiny An image compression framework
05 AndroidFaceCropper Android bitmap Face Cropper


No. Name Description
01 tinker Tinker is a hot-fix solution library for Android, it supports dex, library and resources update without reinstall apk
02 Amigo A hotfix library for Android platform, and not just this...
03 AndFix AndFix is a library that offer hot-fix for Android App.
04 HotFix Android App hot fix patch dynamic framework
05 Nuwa Nuwa, pure java implementation, can hotfix your android application.
06 Fit Framework for dispatching various procedure on update application

Social Networks

No. Name Description
01 socialauth-android SocialAuth repository which contains socialauth android version and samples
02 AndroidSocialNetworks Library for easy work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google on Android
03 ASNE ASNE library for simple integration of social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki
04 SocialLoginManager Android social login (facebook, google) helper powered by RxJava
05 SocialAuthHelper Easy social network authorization for Android. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Vkontakte
06 ANE-Facebook Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for the Facebook mobile SDK
07 Twitter-Helper A helper library that helps making twitter integration easy


No. Name Description
01 Firebase Firebase gives you the tools to develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money. We cover the essentials so you can monetize your business and focus on your users
02 cloudrail-si-android-sdk Unified API Library for: Cloud Storage, Social Profiles, Payment, Email, SMS & POIs. Included services are Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Facebook, GitHub, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Slack, Twitter, Windows Live, Yahoo, PayPal, Stripe, Mailjet, Sendgrid, Twilio, Nexmo, Google Places, Foursquare, Yelp
03 ParseAlternativesServices Parse Alternative back-end services for developer
04 deepstream is a new type of server that syncs data and sends events across millions of clients
05 thumbor thumbor is an open-source photo thumbnail service by
06 android-checkout Library for Android In-App Billing (Version 3+)
07 PayPal-Android-SDK Accept PayPal and credit cards in your Android app
08 donations Donations library for Android. Supports Google Play Store, Flattr, PayPal, and Bitcoin
09 Applozic-Android-SDK Android Real Time Chat & Messaging SDK
10 qiscus-sdk-android Qiscus provide everything you need to power up your app with chats
11 provides fast, easy credit card scanning in mobile apps
12 aws-sdk-android Official mirror of version 2 of the AWS Mobile SDK for Android
13 evernote-sdk-android Evernote SDK for Android
14 open-weather-retriever-z A wrapper that gets weather information from OpenWeatherMap
15 WeatherLib Android Weather Library: android weather lib to develop weather based app fast and easily
16 Kommunicate-Live-Chat-Android-SDK Android Chat SDK for Customer Support
17 AdaptivePlus AdaptivePlus is the control center for marketing campaigns in mobile applications


No. Name Description
01 Google Analytics
02 Firebase Analytics
03 liquid-sdk-android
04 HockeySDK-Android
05 Packetzoom
06 MobileAppTracking
07 Countly
08 CleverTap
09 mixpanel-android
10 clevertap-android-sdk

Crash Monitoring

No. Name Description
01 Sherlock
02 Fabric Crashlytics
03 Splunk MINT
04 Bugsnag
05 Catcho
06 Apteligent
07 BugfenderSDK


No. Name Description
01 leakcanary A memory leak detection library for Android and Java
02 BlockCanaryEx Make performance bottleneck detection easily when app blocked
03 AndroidPerformanceMonitor A transparent ui-block detection library for Android, app only needs one-line-code to setup
04 TinyDancer An android library for displaying fps from the choreographer and percentage of time with two or more frames dropped
05 ANR-WatchDog A simple watchdog that detects Android ANR (Application Not Responding) error and throws a meaningful exception


No. Name Description
01 Hugo Annotation-triggered method call logging for your debug builds
02 logger Simple, pretty and powerful logger for android
03 LoggingInterceptor An OkHttp interceptor which pretty logs request and response data
04 Timber A logger with a small, extensible API which provides utility on top of Android's normal Log class
05 EzyLogger Simple Logger for Android
06 logback-android The reliable, generic, fast and flexible logging framework for Java on Android
07 puree-android A log collector for Android
08 pidcat Colored logcat script which only shows log entries for a specific application package
09 Ok2Curl Convert OkHttp requests into curl logs


No. Name Description
01 stf Control and manage Android devices from your browser
02 stetho Stetho is a debug bridge for Android applications, enabling the powerful Chrome Developer Tools and much more
03 chuck Chuck intercepts and persists all HTTP requests and responses inside your application, and provides a UI for inspecting their content
04 debug-bottle Debug Bottle is an Android runtime debug / develop tools written using kotlin language
05 Android-Debug-Database A library for debugging android databases and shared preferences
06 under-the-hood Under the Hood is a flexible and powerful Android debug view library. It uses a modular template system that can be easily extended to your needs, although coming with many useful elements built-in
07 uber-adb-tools A tool that enables advanced features through adb installing and uninstalling apps like wildcards and multi device support. Useful if you want to clean your test device from all company apks or install a lot of apks in one go. Written in Java so it should run on your platform
08 ViewInspector View Inspection Toolbar for Android Development
09 debugkit DebugKit lib for Android allows you to use a fancy hovering debug tool to trigger some actions directly in the app. This tool is very useful to trigger some event at runtime, and to have a written feedback directly on your testing phone screen
10 AppMethodOrder Know all the function calls the order and time-consuming
11 Takt Takt is Android library for measuring the FPS using Choreographer
12 Traceur Easier RxJava2 debugging with better stacktraces
13 Android-DebugPort Android DebugPort is a drop-in utility which allows you to write and execute code within your app's context, at runtime, and from the comfort of your computer's terminal. Think of it as a window into your application through which you can both inspect and modify its state
14 AndroidSnooper Android library to record the network calls through the interceptor mechanism of the http clients
15 debug-artist Make developers life easier with some tools, you can add it to your debug builds and have some debug libraries like Leakcanary and others without extra work
16 scalpel A surgical debugging tool to uncover the layers under your app


No. Name Description
01 robotium
02 selendroid
03 robolectric
04 spoon
05 macaca-android
06 assertj-android
07 junit4
08 android-junit-report A custom instrumentation test runner for Android that generates XML reports for integration with other tools
09 powermock PowerMock is a Java framework that allows you to unit test code normally regarded as untestable
10 green-coffee Android library that allows you to run your acceptance tests written in Gherkin in your Android instrumentation tests
11 sixpack-java A Java client for the Sixpack A/B testing framework
12 RESTMock REST API mocking made easy


No. Name Description
01 PermissionHelper Android Library to help you with your runtime Permissions
02 Gota Simplifying Android Permissions
03 FayazPermissions An Easier & Lazier approach to getting runtime permissions in Android


No. Name Description
01 android-proguard-snippets Proguard configurations for common Android libraries
02 AndResGuard proguard resource for Android by wechat team
03 Secure-Pref-Manager Secure Preference Manager for android. It uses various Encryption to protect your application's Shared Preferences
04 secure-preferences Android Shared preference wrapper than encrypts the values of Shared Preferences. It's not bullet proof security but rather a quick win for incrementally making your android app more secure
05 Grab'n Run Grab’n Run, a simple and effective Java Library for Android projects to secure dynamic code loading
06 tweetnacl-java Fast Curve Crypto Library - TweetNaCl in Java
07 AESCrypt-Android Simple API to perform AES encryption on Android. This is the Android counterpart to the AESCrypt library Ruby and Obj-C
08 open-keychain OpenKeychain is an OpenPGP implementation for Android


No. Name Description
01 android-saripaar UI form validation library for Android
02 Android-Validator Form Validator Library for Android
03 android-validation-komensky A simple library for validating user input in forms using annotations
04 AwesomeValidation Android validation library which helps developer boil down the tedious work to three easy steps
05 NextInputs A text input validation library for Java
06 android-complexify An Android library which makes checking the quality of user's password a breeze


No. Name Description
01 android-remote-notifications Pulls notifications from a remote JSON file and shows them in your app
02 AndroidHeartBeatFixer Way to set heartbeat interval and the User receive PushNotifications from GCM. Based on related post in Google Forums about HeartBeat problem


No. Name Description
01 svgkit-android SVG Kit for Android is a flexible and quite fast library supporting SVG Tiny specs
02 sharp SVG for Android
03 androidsvg SVG rendering library for Android
04 vectalign Tool for create complex morphing animations using VectorDrawables (allows morphing between any pair of SVG images
05 SVG2Drawable Use a jar executable to create a Drawable class to display a SVG on Android
06 svg2android SVG to Android VectorDrawable XML resource file


No. Name Description
01 ijkplayer Android/iOS video player based on FFmpeg n3.3, with MediaCodec, VideoToolbox support
02 ExoPlayer An extensible media player for Android
03 mp4parser A Java API to read, write and create MP4 files
04 MediaRecorderDialog Android has a built in microphone through which you can capture audio and store it , or play it in your phone. There are many ways to do that but with this dialog you can do all thats with only one dialog
05 AndroidVideoCache Cache support for any video player with help of single line
06 FFmpeg FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata
07 libstreaming libstreaming is an API that allows you, with only a few lines of code, to stream the camera and/or microphone of an android powered device using RTP over UDP
08 AndroidFFmpeg FFmpeg build for android random architectures with example jni
09 android-ffmpeg-java Android Java wrapper around ffmpeg command line binary
10 android-ffmpeg a system for building custom ffmpeg binaries for Android
11 jcodec JCodec is a library implementing a set of popular video and audio codecs
12 ipcam-view MJPEG video streaming on Android
13 AndroidAudioConverter Convert audio files inside your Android app easily. Supported formats: AAC, MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV and FLAC
14 AudioPlayerView AudioPlayerView is an Android view that loads audio from an url and have basic playback tools
15 UserAwareVideoView A customized video view that will automatically pause video is user is not looking at device screen!!!!!
16 android-ffmpeg-with-rtmp script(s) to build ffmpeg for android, including support for RTMP (and OpenSSL)
17 FFmpeg-Android Script and Instructions for building FFmpeg for Android


No. Name Description
01 EasyCamera Wrapper around the android Camera class that simplifies its usage
02 Landscape video camera Powerful custom Android Camera with granular control over the video quality and filesize, restricting recordings to landscape only


No. Name Description
01 Calligraphy Custom fonts in Android the easy way
02 Fonty A simple Android library allowing you to easily change the typeface of your UI elements

Theme / Skin

No. Name Description
01 Colorful Android runtime theme library
02 aesthetic A fast and easy to use plug-and-play dynamic theme engine. Powered by Rx, for Android apps
03 MagicaSakura An Android multi theme library which supporting both daily colorful theme and night theme
04 ColorArt iTunes 11-style color matching code for Android
05 ChatKit Flexible components for chat UI implementation with flexible possibilities for styling, customizing and data management
06 Android-Skin-Loader Dynamic loading local skin
07 AndroidChangeSkin Change skin without having to restart Activity


No. Name Description
01 GraphHopper An open source route planning library and server using OpenStreetMap
02 Mapsforge Vector map library written in Java - running on Android and Desktop
03 smart-location-lib Android library project that lets you manage the location updates to be as painless as possible
04 Google-Directions-Android This project allows you to calculate the route between two locations and displays it on a map
05 android-maps-extensions Android Maps Extensions is a library extending capabilities of Google Maps Android API v2
06 android-maps-utils Handy extensions to the Google Maps Android API


No. Name Description
01 DiskLruCache Java implementation of a Disk-based LRU cache which specifically targets Android compatibility
02 ASimpleCache A simple cache for android and java
03 CacheUtilsLibrary A simple Android utils library to write any type of data into cache files and read them later
04 Reservoir Android library to easily serialize and cache your objects to disk using key/value pairs


No. Name Description
01 sensey Detecting gestures in a snap


No. Name Description
01 anko Pleasant Android application development
02 kotterknife View "injection" library for Android
03 KAndroid Kotlin library for Android
04 KPreferences A Kotlin library for reactive and boilerplate-free SharedPreferences in Android
05 KotlinPreferences Android Library to make SharedPreferences usage easier


No. Name Description
01 AndroidRTC


No. Name Description
01 android-beacon-library Allows Android apps to interact with BLE beacons
02 Android-BluetoothSPPLibrary Bluetooth Serial Port Profile which comfortable to developer application to communication with microcontroller via bluetooth
03 AndroidSmoothBluetooth Smooth communication via bluetooth with other android devices or microcontrollers such as Arduino
04 android-lite-bluetoothLE BLE Framework. Based on Bluetooth 4.0. Based on callback. Extremely simple! Communication with BluetoothLE(BLE) device as easy as HTTP communication
05 BluetoothHelper Bluetooth Helper Library
06 SmartGattLib SmartGattLib is a Java library that simplifies the work with Bluetooth SMART devices
07 Bluetooth-LE-Library This library allows for easy access to a Bluetooth LE device's AdRecord and RSSI value. It offers additional functionality for iBeacons
08 Blueteeth A simple, lightweight library intended to take away some of the cruft and tediousness of using the Android BLE

Android Wear

No. Name Description
01 BusWear EventBus for Android Wear devices
02 DaVinci DaVinci is an image downloading and caching library for Android Wear
03 WearMenu An Android Wear Menu implementation
04 Teleport Data Sync & Messaging Library for Android Wear

App / Demo

No. Name Description
01 open-source-android-apps Open-Source Android Apps
02 android-support-23.2-sample Sample Project for Android Support Library 23.2
03 MovieGuide Movie discovery app showcasing MVP, RxJava, Dagger 2 and Clean Architecture
04 MusicDNA A Music Player for android that renders beautiful DNA(Visualization) of the currently playing music
05 remusic Nusic player online
06 LeeCo LeeCo is an awesome app for (including unlock) problems, solutions, discuss(from leetcode) and comments
07 Tower Ground Control Station for Android Devices
08 Telecine Record full-resolution video on your Android devices
09 FlyRefresh The implementation of
10 Etar-Calendar Material Design Calendar
11 HomeMirror Android application powering the mirror in my house
12 TranslateApp A translations app without interruptions, copy words and translate directly, show result by top view
13 uhabits Simple habit tracker for Android
14 AisenWeiBo Sina microblogging third-party Android client
15 Villains-and-Heroes Android app built with MVP architectural approach and uses Marvel Comics API that allows developers everywhere to access information about Marvel's vast library of comics
16 BookReader Network fiction reader
17 bookdash-android-app Book Dash is an Android App for the NPO where you can download books in different languages for free
18 seadroid Android client for Seafile
19 FolioReader-Android A Java ePub reader and parser framework for Android
20 AndroidTV-workshop This repository contains Android native source code needed for "TV future is Apps: tvOS vs Android TV" workshop presented during Codemotion 2016
21 android-oss Kickstarter for Android. Bring new ideas to life, anywhere
22 MusicDNA A Music Player for android that renders beautiful DNA(Visualization) of the currently playing music
23 Just-Another-Android-App An Android base app with loads of cool libraries/configuration
24 open-event-android Open Event Android App Generator
25 PocketHub PocketHub Android App
26 ribot-app-android The ribot studio app for the Android Platform
27 Telegram Telegram for Android source
28 iosched The Google I/O 2016 Android App
29 android-mvp-architecture This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVP architecture using Dagger2, GreenDao, RxJava2, FastAndroidNetworking and PlaceholderView
30 GivesMeHopeAndroidClient An unofficial Gives Me Hope Android client for educational purposes
31 EffectiveAndroidUI Sample project created to show some of the best Android practices to work in the Android UI Layer. The UI layer of this project has been implemented using MVP or MVVM (without binding engine) to show how this patterns works
32 philm Movie collection and information app for Android
33 archi Repository that showcases 3 Android app architectures: "Standard Android", MVP and MVVM. The exact same app is built 3 times following the different patterns
34 LeafPic LeafPic is an ad-free, open-source and material-designed android gallery alternative
35 plaid An Android app which provides design news & inspiration as well as being an example of implementing material design
36 CoCoin CoCoin, Multi-view Accounting Application
37 SimplifyReader An Android app based on Google Material Design design, including news read, picture browsing
38 InstaMaterial Implementation of Instagram with Material Design (originally based on Emmanuel Pacamalan's concept)
39 kickmaterial Crowdfunding app concept for Android. Created to showcase new trends in Android development with strong focus on Material Design
40 android-boilerplate Android boilerplate app that showcases architecture and libraries used at ribot
41 NotifyUtil Notification tools
42 ColorfulNews A news-reading App (MVP+Dagger2+RxJava+Retrofit2+Material Design)
43 SmarterStreaming SmarterStreaming, which is an excellent cross-platform Live Streaming publisher/playback SDK, based on RTMP/RTSP protocol, developed by daniulive
44 UI-Motion How to apply meaningful and delightful motion in a sample Android app
45 wire-android Wire for Android
46 Popular-Movies-App A simple Android app, that helps you discover most popular and most rated movies. Project 1 & 2 of Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree
47 e-contact-android E-contact app helps citizens of Dnipro and neighboring regions to solve problems citizens have in their everyday lives by providing a reliable channel of communication with local authorities
48 RxJava-Android-Samples Learning RxJava for Android by example
49 android-architecture A collection of samples to discuss and showcase different architectural tools and patterns for Android apps
50 RxJava2-Android-Samples RxJava 2 Android Examples - Migration From RxJava 1 to RxJava 2 - How to use RxJava 2 in Android
51 FlatBuffer FlatBuffer : Android Sample Application
52 Mysplash An Unsplash Client
53 FastAccess A tiny launcher or as Samsung likes to call it Floating Toolbox
54 JieCaoVideoPlayer Android VideoPlayer MediaPlayer VideoView MediaView Float View And Fullscreen
55 MotionViews-Android Code Guide: How to create Snapchat-like image stickers and text stickers
56 Signal-Android A private messenger for Android
57 wechat A High Copy WeChat ,SNS APP
58 BlurTestAndroid This is a simple App to test some blur algorithms on their visual quality and performance
59 The open-source code for the provides fast, easy credit card scanning in mobile apps
60 JamsMusicPlayer A free, powerful and elegant music player for Android
61 Reflection No Reflection A proof on concept to create an API that is 100% compatible reflection API, but without any reflection. Performance stuff for Android and Java
62 Mizuu Popular media indexer app for Android
63 Mover Client for local youtube alternative site, Project closed, because of user agreement violation and will not be supported, but pull requests & issues will be cool
64 Talon-for-Twitter 100% open source version of my popular Talon for Twitter app on Android
65 u2020 A sample Android app which showcases advanced usage of Dagger among other open source libraries
66 MaterialPowerMenu A demo of the power menu with Reveal and other animations
67 Pocket This is a first kotlin project
68 android-examples Simple basic isolated apps, for budding android devs
69 googlesamples Google Samples
70 codelabs Google Developers Codelabs provide a guided, tutorial, hands-on coding experience
71 android-testing A collection of samples demonstrating different frameworks and techniques for automated testing
72 qualitymatters This is the app that follows all principles of Android Development Culture Document
73 Bandhook-Kotlin A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language
74 android-kotlin-samples Some basic samples of Kotlin for Android
75 Kotlin-Example An example for who are all going to start learning Kotlin programming language to develop Android application


No. Name Description
01 TaggerString TaggerString is very light library which allows to build dynamic string resource in much more readable way
02 Android-Material-Icon-Generator Android icons with looooong material shadows!
03 Conductor A small, yet full-featured framework that allows building View-based Android applications
04 FileDownloader Multitask、Breakpoint-resume、High-concurrency、Simple to use、Single/NotSingle-process
05 AndroidDevTools Collected the required development of Android Android SDK
06 Easily create a badge for your own android application in a single step
07 Rajawali Android OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0 Engine
08 scrollscreenshot Make Android screenshots of scrollable screen content
09 dex-method-counts Command-line tool to count per-package methods in Android .dex files
10 swiftp FTP server for your android device
11 gradle-packer-plugin gradle-packer-plugin is a tool Android multi-channel package Gradle plugin can be easily automated building systems integration
12 Layout-to-Image Android Layout (Relative Layout, Linear Layout etc) to Image
13 Android-Link-Preview It makes a preview from an url, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images. This a version for Android of my web link preview
14 gifcap Create GIFs from Android devices (pronounced "gif cap")
15 android-weak-handler Memory safer implementation of android.os.Handler
16 FingerprintAuthHelper A small library that allows You to easily manage fingererprint authentication inside your Activity or Fragment on devices with fingerprint scanner and Android M and higher
17 bytebuddy Runtime code generation for the Java virtual machine
18 Androl4b A Virtual Machine For Assessing Android applications, Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis
19 sl4a SL4A brings scripting languages to Android by allowing you to edit and execute scripts and interactive interpreters directly on the Android device
20 transai transai is a command line tool to help you do Android and iOS translation management. You can extract string files to csv format, or generate string files from csv file for both Android, iOS and Mac
21 magellan The simplest navigation library for Android
22 condom Condom is a thin library to wrap the naked Context in your Android project before passing it to the 3rd-party SDK
23 DroidPlugin It enables the host app run any third-party apk without installation, modification and repackage, which benefit a lot for collaborative development on Android
24 screenshott Take a screenshot of your view layout , programmatically!
25 packagehunter Hunt down all package information
26 zentone Easily generate pure audio tone of any frequency in android
27 ActivityRouter Router activities and methods with url for android
28 ReLinker ReLinker fixes these issues by replacing the standard System.loadLibrary call with a more reliable implementation
29 davdroid DAVdroid – CalDAV/CardDAV synchronization for Android 4+ devices
30 java-error-handler Error handling library for Android and Java
31 USB-Device-Info This application will provide information about almost all currently plugged-in USB devices
32 usb-serial-for-android Android USB host serial driver library for CDC, FTDI, Arduino and other devices
33 Android-Material-Design-Colors Android Material Design Colors
34 keyboard-dismisser Dismiss your keyboard by tapping anywhere outside it
35 PdfMyXml convert android xml layouts into PDF document, works on all versions of Android
36 dexposed dexposed enable 'god' mode for single android application
37 keyboard-visibility-event-android A DSL to handle soft keyboard visibility change event.

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