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Quick Mobile Game Engine, based cocos2d-x

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quick-cocos2d-x is a quick framework, based cocos2d-x. Make mobile games in Lua.


cocos2d-x is a multi-platform 2D game engine in C++, based on cocos2d-iphone and licensed under MIT. Now this engine has been expanded to iOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, Marmalade and desktop operating systems like Linux, WindowsXP & Windows7.

Get Started

Step 1: Get quick-cocos2d-x

Step 2: Start your project

Run Player

Open quick-cocos2d-x/player/bin/mac/, or quick-cocos2d-x/player/bin/win32/quick-x-player.exe

  1. Select menu: File -> Open
  2. Set Project Directory to quick-cocos2d-x/sample/coinflip
  3. Set Script File to scripts/main.lua
  4. Click "Open Project" button.

Why quick-cocos2d-x


  • No risk: cocos2d-x's Lua support already exists two years, mature, reliable, the choice of large companies.

  • Full-featured framework: Write the entire game using Lua, no C++ requirements.

  • Native extensions: Integration of third-party components, including Payment, Ad, Analysis. Lua-ObjectiveC and Lua-Java bridge make life easy.

  • Enhanced Simulator: Run the game from any directory, multiple resolution switching, debug console.

  • 100% FREE: cocos2d-x, Lua, quick-cocos2d-x all is Open-Sources project. licensed under MIT.

Framework main features:

  • display: creates scenes, display objects, animation ...
  • transition: moving, fades, creates animation programing easy ...
  • audio: play background music, effect sounds ...
  • ui: creates button, menu, label ...
  • luaoc: Lua call Objective-C, Objective-C call Lua ...
  • luaj: Lua call Java, Java call Lua ...
  • network: Asynchronous HTTP requests, JSON, check the network status ...


Quick Mobile Game Engine, based cocos2d-x