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The sample code for the different chapters in "3D Graphics with Scene Kit" (which I call "SCNBook" as a joke)

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3D Graphics with Scene Kit

Sample code

This repository contains sample code for the soon-to-be-released iBook about Scene Kit.

How to use this code

Each chapter that includes one or more sample project will have a folder in this repository. That folder contains the finished project for you to download as experiment with. This is the same code that you will find at the end of each chapter (in the book itself).

Some chapters require assets (3D models and/or textures) to follow along in your own project with what is being explained in the book. In those cases the folder also contains an Assets folder for you to download.

All projects (so far) have its Deployment Target set to OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion".

If things are unclear

These projects are documented to the extent of explaining what is happening in the code, but not necessary enough to explain underlying concepts. That is what the book is for. The sample projects are made to make sense if you've followed along with the chapter in the book. If you still feel that the code is unclear, please file an issue and try to point out which part you would like a better or different explanation of.

This is the first versions of these sample projects. Issues or (even better) pull requests are very welcome, if you find bugs in the code.


All sample code has an MIT License, but some assets may have a different license. Such exceptions are mentioned in the license that is included with that specific sample project.


The sample code for the different chapters in "3D Graphics with Scene Kit" (which I call "SCNBook" as a joke)

License:MIT License


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