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⚡A list of .NET content creators

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My Favourite .NET Content Creators

By creators, I mean enthusiasts creating content for Blogs, YouTube, Twitch, Books, and tutorial platforms (e.g. Pluralsight).

  • 🗣️ All creators listed here also create or only create content in English.
  • ✍️ Bloggers
  • 📽️ YouTubers
  • 📖 Book authors
  • 🧾 Free or paid content
  • 🗺️ The country doesn't matter either, but I thought it is an excellent way to divide the list into sections and challenge everyone to find good creators from all countries.
  • 🧭 What I call the "main channel" is just what seems to be the most updated and well-known channel from where you would find all the other work from your creator best.
  • 🔗 Please add 3 links or less as the main channel (add channels with English content only).

📆 2022

All creators under this section must have published something in 2022.


Name Main Channel
Christian Findlay Blog
Les Jackson YouTube
Rahul Nath YouTube
Rahul Rai Blog

Dominican Republic

Name Main Channel
Steven Checo Blog


Name Main Channel
Maarten Balliauw Blog


Name Main Channel
Derek Comartin YouTube
Frank Liu YouTube
Richard Campbell Podcast


Name Main Channel
Daniel Lawson Twitter Threads
Martin Finkel Blog
Laurent Egbakou Blog


Name Main Channel
Holger Schwichtenberg Twitter
Thomas Claudius Huber Pluralsight
Tim Cadenbach Blog


Name Main Channel
Abdul Rahman Site
Anto Subash YouTube, Blog
Mukesh Murugan Blog
Nouman Rahman Blog
Saineshwar Bageri Blog
Shailendra Chauhan YouTube
Shivprasad Koirala YouTube
Shreyas Jejurkar Blog


Name Main Channel
Davide Bellone Blog


Name Main Channel
Trevoir Williams YouTube


Name Main Channel
Ahmad Mozaffar YouTube
Hasan Aboul Blog


Name Main Channel
Simuzeche Kaluwa YouTube


Name Main Channel
Patrick Smacchia Blog


Name Main Channel
Gerald Versluis YouTube
Marc Duiker YouTube, Blog
Max Hamulyák Blog
Roland Guijt Pluralsight
Fanie Reynders Twitch, YouTube


Name Main Channel
Kris Devochko Blog


Name Main Channel
Szymon Kulec Blog
Oleg Kyrylchuk Blog
Oskar Dudycz Blog


Name Main Channel
Guilherme Ferreira Blog
João Antunes YouTube


Name Main Channel
Dan Patrascu-Baba YouTube


Name Main Channel
Marinko Spasojevic Blog
Milan Jovanović LinkedIn


Name Main Channel
Claudio Bernasconi YouTube
Damien Bowden Blog
Emanuele Bartolesi Blog
Jürgen Gutsch Blog
Steven Giesel Blog
Wolfgang Ofner Blog


Name Main Channel
Sabit Kondakçı LinkedIn
Engincan Veske Blog


Name Main Channel
Andrea Angella YouTube
Andrew Lock Blog
Anton Wieslander YouTube
Dan Clarke Podcast
Dave Murray Blog
Gavin Lon YouTube
Jamie Maguire Blog
Jamie Taylor Podcast
Jon Hilton Blog, Courses
Jon P Smith Blog
Jon Skeet Blog
Layla Porter Twitch
Mark Heath Pluralsight, Blog
Mohamad Lawand YouTube
Nick Chapsas YouTube
Paul Michaels Site
Peter Morris Site
Scott Wlaschin Site
Steve Gordon Pluralsight


Name Main Channel
Bryan Hogan Podcast
Chris Patterson YouTube
Carl Franklin Podcast, BlazorTrain YouTube
David McCarter Blog, Live Show
Hassan Rezk Habib LinkedIn, linktree
John Savill YouTube
James Montemagno YouTube, Podcast
Jeffrey T. Fritz YouTube, Twitch, linktree
Jimmy Bogard Blog
Julie Lerman Twitter
Kendra Havens Twitter
Kevin Bost YouTube
Khalid Abuhakmeh Blog
Niels Swimberghe Blog
Richard Campbell Podcast
Rockford Lhotka Blog, Twitter
Scott Hanselman YouTube, Podcast
Sean Killeen Blog
Shawn Wildermuth Pluralsight
SingletonSean YouTube
Steve Ardalis Smith Blog
Tim Corey YouTube, Podcast
Wes Doyle YouTube

Official MSFT / .NET Foundation content resources / Xamarin

Name Main Channel
.NET Microsoft Channels Blog, YouTube, Documentation
.NET Foundation YouTube
Microsoft Visual Studio YouTube, Blog
Xamarin Developers YouTube

Multi-Creator Channels / Creator Name Unkown

Name Main Channel
6 Figure Developer Podcast Podcast
Code Maze Blog
Coding Blocks Podcast
Curious Drive YouTube
C# Corner Blog
DevMentors YouTube, Site
Dotnetos Blog, YouTube
DotNet Core Central YouTube
Kudvenkat/Pragim YouTube
ExceptionNotFound Blog

Aggregator Sites

Name Main Channel
Discover.NET Site
.NET Ketchup Site
The Morning Brew by Chris Alcock, UK Site
The Morning Dew by Alvin Ashcraft, USA Site

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  • No matter if huge or a small following: The quality matters.
  • Please add your favourite creators!



⚡A list of .NET content creators

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