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Neuron is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) connectivity server for modern big data and AI/ML technology to leverage the power of Industrial 4.0. It supports one-stop access to dozens of industrial protocols and converts them into MQTT protocol and realize the interconnection between IIoT platforms and various industrial devices.

This repository contains documents for Neuron module development and operations in terms of architecture, use cases, quick started guide, SQL streaming scripts, user guide, SDK tutorial and technical details.

For more information about Neuron, please access Neuron website.

Preview Docs

To preview Neuron documents, please use preview.sh command as below:

# to preview the documents

Now, open http://localhost:8080/docs/en/latest or http://localhost:8080/docs/zh/latest/, to view English and Chinese version documents respectively. If any contents has been updated, you can re-run the above command to update the docs.

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Please visit our offical website to have a good inspiration of how to apply Neuron in your big data and IIoT project.

If you found any bugs or issues, please drop it in Github Issues. Your help is much appriceiated.

You can connect with the Neuron community and developers in the following ways.

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EMQ X Neuron Documentations

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