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Neuron is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) connectivity server for modern big data and AI/ML technology to leverage the power of Industrial 4.0. It supports one-stop access to dozens of industrial protocols and converts them into MQTT protocol and realize the interconnection between IIoT platforms and various industrial devices.


The following are some important features of Neuron:

  • Edge native application with real-time capability to leverage the low latency network of edge side.
  • Loosely-coupled modularity architecture design for extending more functional services by pluggable modules.
  • Support hot plugins that can update device and application modules during runtime.
  • Support numerous protocols for industrial devices, including Modbus, OPCUA, Ethernet/IP, IEC104, BACnet and more.
  • Support simultaneous connection of a large number of industrial devices with different protocols.
  • Combine with the rule engine function provided by eKuiper to quickly implement rule-based device control or AI/ML analytics.
  • Support data access to industrial applications, such as MES or ERP, SCADA, historian and data analytics software via SparkplugB solution.
  • Has very low memory footprint, less than 10M, and CPU usage, can run on limited resource hardware like ARM, x86 and RISC-V.
  • Support installation of native executable or deployed in containerized enviornment.
  • Control industrial devices, and make changes to the parameters and data tags through API and MQTT services.
  • Highly integrated with other EMQ products, including EMQX, NanoMQ, eKuiper.
  • The code of the core framework and Modbus, MQTT and eKuiper are licensed under open source LGPLv3. Commercial modules require a EMQ License to run.

For more information, please visit Neuron homepage.

Get Started

Run Neuron using Docker

docker run -d --name neuron -p 7000:7000 -p 7001:7001 -p 9081:9081 --privileged=true --restart=always emqx/neuron:latest

Next, please follow the getting started guide to tour the Neuron features.


Neuron open source edition only includes Modbus and MQTT drivers.

Apply for a 15-day trial license to load all drivers.

More installation options

If you prefer to install and manage Neuron yourself, you can download the latest version from neugates.io/downloads?os=Linux.

For more installation options, see the Neuron installation documentation.


The Neuron documentation is available at neugates.io/docs/en/latest/.

Get Involved

Build From Source

Install required dependencies



$ git clone https://github.com/emqx/neuron
$ cd neuron
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake .. && make

Install Dashboard

Download the latest neuron-dashboard.zip from the neuron-dashboard page, unzip it and put it to the dist directory under the Neuron executable directory.


$ cd build
$ ./neuron

Log level

Change the log level in the rules in the zlog.conf file. Available levels include INFO, DEBUG, NOTICE, WARN, ERROR and FATAL.


To run all unit testers

$ cd build
$ ctest --output-on-failure

Functional test

To run all functional testers

$ mosquitto -v &
$ pip3 install -r ft/requirements.txt
$ python3 -m robot -P ft/ --variable neuron_api:http -d ft/http_reports ft

Pressure test

There are datasets for pressure testing in directory ft/data/persistence/.

To run pressure tests

# python dependencies
$ pip3 install -r ft/requirements.txt

# through http api, on dataset total-10k
$ python3 -m robot -P ft/ --variable neuron_api:http --variable dataset:total-10k -d ft/http-total-10k ft/pressure.test
# through http api, on dataset total-50k
$ python3 -m robot -P ft/ --variable neuron_api:http --variable dataset:total-50k -d ft/http-total-50k ft/pressure.test

# A MQTT broker is needed if using the mqtt api, mosquitto in this example
$ mosquitto -v &

# through mqtt api, on dataset simple-1k
$ python3 -m robot -P ft/ --variable neuron_api:mqtt --variable dataset:simple-1k -d ft/mqtt-simple-1k ft/pressure.test




Open source industrial IoT connectivity server


License:GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0


Language:C 91.7%Language:RobotFramework 3.8%Language:C++ 1.5%Language:CMake 1.4%Language:Python 1.2%Language:Shell 0.3%Language:Smarty 0.1%