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This is repository has been created as a demonstration of my skills for Bell Integrator company, for the vacancy of TechLead (NodeJS Backend Developer)

The original version has been created in 2019, but I updated this is code to my actual state of tech skill sets.

You can use this is repository as a template for your microservices (how I do)

Task description

Older versions

2019 year

Actual version

License: MIT


Check what .env file is exists or create own (or send args from command line).

See: example.env as example (rename to production.env for production or development.env for development).

You can more info in package.json. Or don't do anything, and config will be parsed by command line =) (see cross-env documentation).


  • Swagger
  • Prometheus as monitoring tool
  • Sentry for reserve logging tool
  • SonarQube for code quality
  • Ready for using in docker/kubernetes (I hope what HELM charts you can create manually)

For local development

  • unpack archive to your directory
  • cd this directory
  • npm install (or npm ci in feature, if package-lock.json is exist)

For production build

  • If is docker will be used: sh or docker build -t testcase . && docker run testcase
  • If is docker is not available: npm install pm2 -g && (npm ci || npm i) && (npm run build && pm2 start 'npm run start:prod')

Swagger (OpenAPI)

  • Run your service
  • go to localhost:3000/api (port can be changed, and api endpoint in code) for swagger ui
  • go to localhost:3000/api/swagger.json for downloading swagger.json

How a test

  • Run server
  • Go to localhost:3000/api and click v1/get-token (use accounts from below)
  • Copy-Paste access-token from response and use him for calling another methods
  • Call v1/vote and v1/results. Remember: Initial state what database is empty

Accounts (username-password)

  • john-changeme
  • chris-secret
  • maria-guess


  • readiness/liveness (terminus) - is not implemented
  • go to /healthCheck and if you got true when your service is alive
  • go to /metrics for collect of prometheus metrics

Additional information:

  1. PM2 documentation.
  2. Docker documentation.
  3. NestJS documentation.

Used additional packages:

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