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movie player for iOS using ffmpeg

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KxMovie - movie player for iOS using ffmpeg

Build instructions:

First you need download, configure and build FFmpeg. For this open console and type in

cd kxmovie
git submodule update --init	


  1. Drop files from kxmovie/output folder in your project.
  2. Add frameworks: MediaPlayer, CoreAudio, AudioToolbox, Accelerate, QuartzCore, OpenGLES and libz.dylib .
  3. Add libs: libkxmovie.a, libavcodec.a, libavformat.a, libavutil.a, libswscale.a, libswresample.a

For play movies:

ViewController *vc;
vc = [KxMovieViewController movieViewControllerWithContentPath:path parameters:nil];
[self presentViewController:vc animated:YES completion:nil];

See KxMovieExample demo project as example of using.

Also, you can include kxmovie as subproject. Look at kxtorrent as example.

Remember, you need to copy some movies via iTunes for playing them. And you can use kxmovie for streaming from remote sources via rtsp,rtmp,http,etc.


at least iOS 5.1 and iPhone 3GS


movie view info view


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movie player for iOS using ffmpeg