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torrent (bittorrent) client for iPhone

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KxTorrent is a torrent (bittorrent) client for iPhone.

Build instructions:

First, you need update submodules. For this open console and type in

cd kxtorrent
git submodule update --init	--recursive

Then, build ffmpeg

cd submodules/kxmovie	
rake build_ffmpeg

After that, you can build and run SwarmLoader target.


  • play media (video and audio)
  • multiple torrent downloading
  • rate control (limit upload/download speed)
  • blacklist
  • integrated web browser
  • bookmark manager
  • download .torrent files with help of integrated web browser
  • able to add .torrent via itunes file sharing
  • share a content via itunes file sharing
  • integrated file browser
  • supports video formats: .avi .mkv .mpeg .mpg .flv .vob .m4v .3gp .mp4 .mov
  • supports audio formats: .ogg .mpga .mka .mp3 .wma .m4a
  • supports other formats: .png .jpg .gif .tiff .pdf .txt


at least iOS 5.1 and iPhone 3GS


Apple rejects any bittorent app from app store. But you can download .ipa and run it on jailbroken device.


main detail pieces file browser web browser settings download .torrent


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torrent (bittorrent) client for iPhone


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