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Replicate some of the figures from this paper

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This is the repository to replicate some of the figures from this following paper: 

O’Flanagan, C. H., Campbell, K. R., Zhang, A. W., Kabeer, F., Lim, J. L. P., Biele, J., Eirew, P., Lai, D., McPherson, A., Kong, E., Bates, C., Borkowski, K., Wiens, M., Hewitson, B., Hopkins, J., Pham, J., Ceglia, N., Moore, R., Mungall, A. J., … Aparicio, S. (2019). Dissociation of solid tumor tissues with cold active protease for single-cell RNA-seq minimizes conserved collagenase-associated stress responses. Genome Biology, 20(1), 210.

Original repo for the figures is located at :

To reproduce the figures, clone the repo and open the RStudio project file partial_replication_scrnaseq_digestion_paper.Rproj with Rstudio IDE.


Replicate some of the figures from this paper


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