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C++ IRC bot with Lua scripting support

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UniBot is a small IRC bot written in C++14 with support for lua scripting.

For built-in/example scripts look through the “scripts/” folder, documentation can be found in “doc/lua_bindings.html”.

The configuration file (etc/unibot.json) must reside in the system “/etc” folder.
You can also specify the config location relative from the “/etc” folder when starting the bot: “$ unibot somefolder/unibot.json”.

Build Instructions:
on Linux/FreeBSD/MinGW (or OS X/iOS as well):

  • install all dependencies (floor v0.2.0, clang 3.5+, libc++, SDL2, asio (headers suffice), openssl, lua)
  • run ./build.sh
  • make

on OS X/iOS:

  • install floor v0.2.0, Xcode 7.0+, Xquartz, SDL2, asio (headers suffice), openssl and lua
  • open unibot.xcodeproj and build
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C++ IRC bot with Lua scripting support


License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:C++ 53.8%Language:Lua 26.3%Language:Shell 19.9%