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Albion 2 Engine "light"

Home Page:http://albion2.org

Geek Repo:Geek Repo

Github PK Tool:Github PK Tool

General Build Instructions & Dependencies:

Build Instructions (Linux):

  • run “./build.sh”
  • install a2elight (alternatively, copy these files/folders there):
    • sudo ln -sf /path/to/a2elight/src /usr/local/include/a2elight
    • sudo ln -sf /path/to/a2elight/lib/liba2elight.so /usr/local/lib/liba2elight.so
    • sudo ln -sf /path/to/a2elight/lib/liba2elightd.so /usr/local/lib/liba2elightd.so

Build Instructions (OS X / iOS):

  • open src/a2elight.xcodeproj and build it
  • OS X: in Terminal do (but change /path/to/a2elight!):
    • sudo ln -sf /path/to/a2elight/src /usr/local/include/a2elight
    • sudo ln -sf /path/to/a2elight/lib/liba2elight.dylib /usr/local/lib/liba2elight.dylib
    • sudo ln -sf /path/to/a2elight/lib/liba2elightd.dylib /usr/local/lib/liba2elightd.dylib
  • iOS: install/symlink a2elight .a and lib folder:
    • sudo ln -sf /path/to/a2elight/bin/liba2elight{,d}.a {iPhoneOS/iPhoneSimulator folders}/usr/lib/
    • sudo ln -sf /path/to/a2elight {iPhoneOS/iPhoneSimulator folders}/usr/include/a2elight
    • linker flags for a depending project: -lSDL2 -lSDL2_image -lfloor -la2elight -lcrypto -lssl

Build Instructions (Windows):

  • broken right now – will be fixed soon™
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Albion 2 Engine "light"


License:GNU General Public License v2.0


Language:C++ 96.7%Language:Shell 3.3%