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Configure Fork after Clone (setup upstream)

  1. Open Git Console/Bash
  2. List the current configured remote repositories for your fork
    git remote -v
  3. Specify a new remote upstream repository that will be synced with the fork
    git remote add upstream https://full_path_to_repo/repo.git
  4. Verify the new upstream repository you've specified for your fork
    git remote -v Every url should listed twice (fetch and push)

Sync your fork with upstream

  1. Fetch original master Upstream/Master
  2. Checkout your fork local master Local/Master
  3. Merge Upstream/Master to Local/Master (Fast Forward)
  4. Push Local/Master to Origin/Master (This will update remote master in your fork)


  1. Checkout your local Feature branch Local/Feature
  2. Merge Local/Master to your Feature branch
  3. Resolve conflicts
  4. Build
  5. Push Local/Feature to Origin/Feature

Diff a feature branch with your form master branch (rebase alternative)

  1. Open Git Console/Bash
  2. Create patchfile
    git diff master...Feature-Branch > diff.patch
  3. Create a new branch from master (Feature-Clean) and apply your patch to the new branch
    git apply diff.patch

GitHub UI Hints & Tricks

  1. Add .patch postix to PR to get a diff file
    e.g., ->
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