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Auto-Detect Fonts

MyNameIsCosmo opened this issue · comments

Fonts should be automatically detected in fontawesome-free-5.x.xx/use-on-desktop
Currently, the following is used to declare packages to build:

packages = { 
    'regular': {
        'name': 'fontawesomefree',  # The name of the latex .sty file
        'desc': 'Font Awesome 5 Free Regular',  # Description of the font variant
        'font': 'FontAwesome 5 Free Regular',  # The font name as registered when installed
        'short': 'far',  # the short for FontAwesome icons, i.e. \faicon
        'cmd': 'faicon',  # The command for FontAwesome icons, i.e. \faicon
        'file': 'fontawesomefree.sty'  # The file name generated
    ... do this for Solid and Brand variants