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Python utility to download and create FontAwesome LaTeX mappings

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Fontawesome 5 LaTeX Generator

This repo houses the ability to map FontAwesome font variants to a respective TeX binding.
This was built to run on a Linux-based OS. Feel free to submit a PR for Windows + OSx support.

This ONLY supports FontAwesome releases 5.0 and up.

Now supporting FontAwesome 5 Pro!*

Current bindings:

Binding Supported Reason
Xelatex Yes -
Lualatex No Need templates
PDFLatex No Need templates
Sharelatex No Need templates
  • I really only tested xelatex. The others might work.


Check out the Releases for pre-built FontAwesome 5.0.13 mappings.


Simply download the latest release and extract the archive.

Check out the examples directory for a pre-built PDF, .sty, and .tex.


Currently for Pro, you will need to run this script to generate Pro mappings until #11 is fixed.

See Advanced Usage below.


These mappings try to follow Font Awesome's Prefixes
You can use icons in the generated mappings with the following calls:

\faThumbsUp % generates a regular Thumbs Up
\faThumbsUpSolid % generates a solid Thumbs Up
\faThumbsUpLight % generates a light Thumbs Up (pro)
\textbf\faThumbsUp % generates a solid Thumbs Up
\textit\faThumbsUp % generates a light Thumbs Up (pro)


This utility will download a FontAwesome release zip, unzip it, locate metadata, and generate a TeX mapping using Jinja templates.

The following set of commands will create a virtualenv, run the python script, generate the pdfs, display them, then package them into a

make env
source .env/bin/activate
make pdf
make display
make release

Advanced Usage

The script will automagically detect if you're using FontAwesome Free or Pro, and build the templates accordingly.

  • Using a local zip archive:
    python3 --local-file tmp/
  • Using a local extracted zip folder:
    python3 --zipped-dir tmp/fontawesome-pro-5.0.13
  • For more usage details, check out:
    python3 --help


I wanted the most recent FontAwesome icons in my resume... 🤖
There are other tools out there, but they weren't quite as automated as one would hope.
Some of the tools even strip out many icons.

With FontAwesome 5 including metadata, it's super easy to read an icon list from the metadata file, find their respective font style (free/pro, regular/solid/light), and map them to a template.


Check out the existing issues and check out any help_wanted or enhancement tags.


Python utility to download and create FontAwesome LaTeX mappings


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