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Next generation vim support for atom

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Vim Mode package Build Status

Provides vim modal control for Atom, ideally blending the best of vim and Atom.


Use the Atom package manager, which can be found in the Settings view or run apm install vim-mode from the command line.

Current Status

Sizable portions of Vim's command mode work as you'd expect, including many complex combinations. Even so, this package is far from finished (Vim wasn't built in a day).

Currently, vim-mode requires soft line wraps to be disabled, and has some issues with international keyboard layouts.

If there's a feature of Vim you're missing, it might just be that you use it more often than other developers. Adding a feature can be quick and easy. Check out the closed pull requests to see examples of community contributions. We're looking forward to yours, too.



  • Create a branch with your feature/fix.
  • Add a spec (take inspiration from the ones that are already there).
  • If you're adding a command be sure to update the appropriate file in docs/
  • Create a PR.

When in doubt, open a PR earlier rather than later so that you can receive feedback from the community. We want to get your fix or feature included as much as you do.

See the contribution guide.


Next generation vim support for atom

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