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A QUIC implementation in pure go

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A QUIC implementation in pure Go

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quic-go is an implementation of the QUIC protocol in Go. It roughly implements the IETF QUIC draft, although we don't fully support any of the draft versions at the moment.

Version compatibility

Since quic-go is under active development, there's no guarantee that two builds of different commits are interoperable. The QUIC version used in the master branch is just a placeholder, and should not be considered stable.

If you want to use quic-go as a library in other projects, please consider using a tagged release. These releases expose experimental QUIC versions, which are guaranteed to be stable.


We currently support Go 1.13+, with Go modules support enabled.

Installing and updating dependencies:

go get -u ./...

Running tests:

go test ./...

QUIC without HTTP/3

Take a look at this echo example.


As a server

See the example server. Starting a QUIC server is very similar to the standard lib http in go:

http.Handle("/", http.FileServer(http.Dir(wwwDir)))
http3.ListenAndServeQUIC("localhost:4242", "/path/to/cert/chain.pem", "/path/to/privkey.pem", nil)

As a client

See the example client. Use a http3.RoundTripper as a Transport in a http.Client.

  Transport: &http3.RoundTripper{},


We are always happy to welcome new contributors! We have a number of self-contained issues that are suitable for first-time contributors, they are tagged with help wanted. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by opening an issue or leaving a comment.


A QUIC implementation in pure go

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