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A Simple Python Project Skeleton

This repo attempts to standardize our python repositories using modern python packaging and configuration techniques. Using this blog post as inspiration, this repository will serve as the base for all new python projects and will be adopted to all our existing ones as well.


A brand new project

git init my-new-repo
cd my-new-repo
git pull git@github.com:nexB/skeleton

# Create the new repo on GitHub, then update your remote
git remote set-url origin git@github.com:nexB/your-new-repo.git

From here, you can make the appropriate changes to the files for your specific project.

Update an existing project

cd my-existing-project
git remote add skeleton git@github.com:nexB/skeleton
git fetch skeleton
git merge skeleton/main --allow-unrelated-histories

This is also the workflow to use when updating the skeleton files in any given repository.




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