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Save web clippings to Trilium Notes.

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Trilium Web Clipper

Trilium Web Clipper is a web browser extension which allows user to clip text, screenshots, whole pages and short notes and save them directly to Trilium Notes.

For more details, see the wiki page.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available for most functions:

  • Save selected text: Ctrl+Shift+S (Mac: Cmd+Shift+S)
  • Save whole page: Alt+Shift+S (Mac: Opt+Shift+S)
  • Save screenshot: Ctrl+Shift+E (Mac: Cmd+Shift+E)

To set custom shortcuts, follow the directions for your browser.

Firefox: about:addons > Gear icon ⚙️ > Manage extension shortcuts

Chrome: chrome://extensions/shortcuts


Some parts of the code are based on the Joplin Notes browser extension.


Save web clippings to Trilium Notes.

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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