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flash for esp8266 to publish DHT values using MQTT

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Heat control system


The main goal of the System is to control the motor that spreads hot water in a house. There is a number of temperature sensors that send data to Managing System and then it controls the motor.


The System consists of sensors based on ESP8266 and DHT22, motor controller based on ESP8266 and Managing System build on Homeassistant Data are sent by MQTT over WIFI channel.



  • copy scripts/home-assistant.service and scripts/hub_bootstrap.sh to the root directory of the dedicated user you're going to use to run home-assistant.
  • run hub_bootstrap.sh in order to install & run home-assistant


Sketches are prepared in Arduino IDE. So it should be helpful to compile sketches to your blocks.


  • Prepare Arduino IDE for ESP8266
  • Setup required libraries (ESP8266MQTTClient and ESP8266WiFi are available via libraries manager. DHT should be got somewhere)
  • Open sketch (/sketches directory)
  • Update settings.h. Specify WIFI settings, MQTT broker url and MQTT queue name
  • Select Board (Generic ESP8266 Module)
  • Select Port
  • Connect your ESP8266 module
  • Upload the sketch
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flash for esp8266 to publish DHT values using MQTT


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