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A Waybar module that displays currently playing media.

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A module to display currently playing media in your Waybar.

Supports fetching data from the following media players:

  • Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium and other browsers
    via KDE Plasma Integration. You must follow their instructions for installing a browser extension and a native host. KDE Plasma itself is not required.
  • MPV
  • Potentially, any other player that supports MPRIS. Feel free to open an issue.

In the toolbar, the current title and artist are shown separated by a dash, like so: Mountains - Hans Zimmer. Long titles/artists will be ellipsized to 80 characters.

The tooltip displays more metadata, including the album and player name.


If you use Arch Linux, you may use the following packages: python-pydbus python-psutil

Installation and configuration

Put waybar-media.py somewhere in your path, e.g. ~/.local/bin/

Add to your Waybar configuration as a custom module, like so:

    "modules-center": ["custom/waybar-media"],
    "custom/waybar-media": {
        "return-type": "json",
        "exec": "waybar-media.py status",
        "on-click": "waybar-media.py playpause",
        "on-scroll-up": "waybar-media.py previous",
        "on-scroll-down": "waybar-media.py next",
        "escape": true

As shown above, waybar-media.py always takes one argument. These are the available options:

  • status: Print the status in Waybar's JSON format.
  • playpause: Toggle the state of the current player.
  • previous: Go to the previous song.
  • next: Go to the next song.


You may use the following classes to style the module:

  • playing
  • paused
  • stopped

Here's an example:

#custom-waybar-media.paused {
    color: grey;


A Waybar module that displays currently playing media.

License:MIT License


Language:Python 100.0%