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Ubuntu CIS Hardening Ansible Role

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Ubuntu 18.04 CIS STIG

Build Status Ansible Role

Configure Ubuntu 18.04 machine to be CIS compliant. Level 1 and 2 findings will be corrected by default.

This role will make changes to the system that could break things. This is not an auditing tool but rather a remediation tool to be used after an audit has been conducted.


If you want to install this via the ansible-galaxy command you'll need to run it like this:

ansible-galaxy install -p roles -r requirements.yml

With this in the file requirements.yml:

- src: https://github.com/florianutz/Ubuntu1804-CIS.git

Based on CIS Ubuntu Benchmark v1.0.0 - 08-13-2018 .

This repo originated from work done by MindPointGroup


You should carefully read through the tasks to make sure these changes will not break your systems before running this playbook.

Role Variables

There are many role variables defined in defaults/main.yml. This list shows the most important.

ubuntu1804cis_notauto: Run CIS checks that we typically do NOT want to automate due to the high probability of breaking the system (Default: false)

ubuntu1804cis_section1: CIS - General Settings (Section 1) (Default: true)

ubuntu1804cis_section2: CIS - Services settings (Section 2) (Default: true)

ubuntu1804cis_section3: CIS - Network settings (Section 3) (Default: true)

ubuntu1804cis_section4: CIS - Logging and Auditing settings (Section 4) (Default: true)

ubuntu1804cis_section5: CIS - Access, Authentication and Authorization settings (Section 5) (Default: true)

ubuntu1804cis_section6: CIS - System Maintenance settings (Section 6) (Default: true)

Disable all selinux functions

ubuntu1804cis_selinux_disable: false

Service variables:
These control whether a server should or should not be allowed to continue to run these services
ubuntu1804cis_avahi_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_cups_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_dhcp_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_ldap_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_telnet_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_nfs_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_rpc_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_ntalk_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_rsyncd_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_tftp_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_rsh_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_nis_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_snmp_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_squid_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_smb_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_dovecot_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_httpd_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_vsftpd_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_named_server: false  
ubuntu1804cis_bind: false  
ubuntu1804cis_vsftpd: false  
ubuntu1804cis_httpd: false  
ubuntu1804cis_dovecot: false  
ubuntu1804cis_samba: false  
ubuntu1804cis_squid: false  
ubuntu1804cis_net_snmp: false  
Designate server as a Mail server

ubuntu1804cis_is_mail_server: false

System network parameters (host only OR host and router)

ubuntu1804cis_is_router: false

IPv6 required

ubuntu1804cis_ipv6_required: true


ubuntu1804cis_config_aide: true

AIDE cron settings
  cron_user: root
  cron_file: /etc/crontab
  aide_job: '/usr/sbin/aide --check'
  aide_minute: 0
  aide_hour: 5
  aide_day: '*'
  aide_month: '*'
  aide_weekday: '*'  
SELinux policy

ubuntu1804cis_selinux_pol: targeted

Set to 'true' if X Windows is needed in your environment

ubuntu1804cis_xwindows_required: no

Client application requirements
ubuntu1804cis_openldap_clients_required: false
ubuntu1804cis_telnet_required: false
ubuntu1804cis_talk_required: false  
ubuntu1804cis_rsh_required: false
ubuntu1804cis_ypbind_required: false
Time Synchronization
ubuntu1804cis_time_synchronization: chrony
ubuntu1804cis_time_Synchronization: ntp

  - uri: "0.pool.ntp.org"
    config: "minpoll 8"
  - uri: "1.pool.ntp.org"
    config: "minpoll 8"
  - uri: "2.pool.ntp.org"
    config: "minpoll 8"
  - uri: "3.pool.ntp.org"
    config: "minpoll 8"
1.4.3 | PATCH | Ensure authentication required for single user mode

It is disabled by default as it is setting random password for root. To enable it set:

ubuntu1804cis_rule_1_4_3: true

To use other than random password:

ubuntu1804cis_root_password: 'new password'
3.4.2 | PATCH | Ensure /etc/hosts.allow is configured
  - ""  
  - ""  
  - ""    
ubuntu1804cis_firewall: firewalld
ubuntu1804cis_firewall: iptables
5.3.1 | PATCH | Ensure password creation requirements are configured
  - key: 'minlen'
    value: '14'
  - key: 'dcredit'
    value: '-1'
  - key: 'ucredit'
    value: '-1'
  - key: 'ocredit'
    value: '-1'
  - key: 'lcredit'
    value: '-1'


Ansible >= 2.4 and <= 2.7 (2.8 is not yet supported)

Example Playbook

- name: Harden Server
  hosts: servers
  become: yes

    - Ubuntu1804-CIS

To run the tasks in this repository, first create this file one level above the repository (i.e. the playbook .yml and the directory Ubuntu1804-CIS should be next to each other), then review the file defaults/main.yml and disable any rule/section you do not wish to execute.

Assuming you named the file site.yml, run it with:

ansible-playbook site.yml


Many tags are available for precise control of what is and is not changed.

Some examples of using tags:

    # Audit and patch the site
    ansible-playbook site.yml --tags="patch"




Ubuntu CIS Hardening Ansible Role

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