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A curated list of resources dedicated to table recognition

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A curated list of resources dedicated to table recognition

1. Papers

  • *CODE means official code and CODE means not official code
Conf. Date Title Highlight code
IJCAI 2023 Divide Rows and Conquer Cells: Towards Structure Recognition for Large Tables Sequence No
AAAI 2022 LORE: Logical Location Regression Network for Table Structure Recognition Detection *CODE
ACM-MM 2022 TSRFormer: Table Structure Recognition with Transformers Detection No
CVPR 2022 TableFormer: Table Structure Understanding with Transformers. Sequence No
CVPR 2022 Neural Collaborative Graph Machines for Table Structure Recognition GNN No
CVPR 2022 PubTables-1M: Towards comprehensive table extraction from unstructured documents Dataset *CODE
arXiv 2021/5/23 Multi-Type-TD-TSR -- Extracting Tables from Document Images using a Multi-stage Pipeline for Table Detection and Table Structure Recognition: from OCR to Structured Table Representations Others *CODE
ACM-MM 2021 Show, Read and Reason: Table Structure Recognition with Flexible Context Aggregator GNN No
ICCV 2021 Parsing Table Structures in the Wild Detection No
ICCV 2021 TGRNet: A Table Graph Reconstruction Network for Table Structure Recognition GNN *CODE
ICDAR Competition 2021 ICDAR 2021 Competition on Scientific Literature Parsing Dataset *CODE
ICDAR Competition 2021 PingAn-VCGroup's Solution for ICDAR 2021 Competition on Scientific Literature Parsing Task B: Table Recognition to HTML Sequence *CODE
ICDAR Competition 2021 LGPMA: Complicated Table Structure Recognition with Local and Global Pyramid Mask Alignment Others *CODE
WACV 2021 Global table extractor (gte): A framework for joint table identification and cell structure recognition using visual context Others No
CVPR Workshop 2020 CascadeTabNet: An approach for end to end table detection and structure recognition from image-based documents Others *CODE
ECCV 2020 Image-based table recognition: data, model, and evaluation Dataset *CODE
ECCV 2020 Table structure recognition using top-down and bottom-up cues Others *CODE
LREC 2020 TableBank: A Benchmark Dataset for Table Detection and Recognition Dataset *CODE
arXiv 2019/8/28 Complicated table structure recognition Others *CODE
ICDAR 2019 Rethinking Table Recognition using Graph Neural Networks GNN *CODE
ICDAR 2019 Tablenet: Deep learning model for end-to-end table detection and tabular data extraction from scanned document images Others No
ICDAR 2019 Res2tim: Reconstruct syntactic structures from table images. Others *CODE
ICDAR 2017 Deepdesrt: Deep learning for detection and structure recognition of tables in document images Others No

2. Datasets

2.1 Introduction

Dataset Description dataset link
TableBank English TableBank is a new image-based table detection and recognition dataset built with novel weak supervision from Word and Latex documents on the internet, contains 417K high-quality labeled tables.It only contain cell Topology groudtruth TableBank
SciTSR *English SciTSR is a large-scale table structure recognition dataset, which contains 15,000 tables in PDF format and their corresponding structure labels obtained from LaTeX source files.It contain cell Topology, cell content groudtruth SciTSR
PubTabNet English PubTabNet is a large dataset for image-based table recognition, containing 568k+ images of tabular data annotated with the corresponding HTML representation of the tables.It contain cell Topology, cell content and non-blank cell location groudtruth PubTabNet
FinTabNet English This dataset contains complex tables from the annual reports of S&P 500 companies with detailed table structure annotations to help train and test structure recognition. FinTabNet
PubTables-1M English A large, detailed, high-quality dataset for training and evaluating a wide variety of models for the tasks of table detection, table structure recognition, and functional analysis. PubTables-1M
WTW English and Chinese WTW-Dataset is the first wild table dataset for table detection and table structure recongnition tasks, which is constructed from photoing, scanning and web pages, covers 7 challenging cases like: (1)Inclined tables, (2) Curved tables, (3) Occluded tables or blurredtables (4) Extreme aspect ratio tables (5) Overlaid tables, (6) Multi-color tables and (7) Irregular tables in table structure recognition.It contain cell Topology, all cell location groudtruth WTW
TNCR English a new table dataset with varying image quality collected from open access websites.TNCR contains 9428 labeled tables with approximately 6621 images.their classification into 5 different classes(Full Lined,Merged Cells,No lines,Partial Lined,Partial Lined Merged Cells). TNCR
TAL_OCR_TABLE Chinese TAL_OCR_TABLE dataset come from TAL Form Recognition Technology Challenge.The data of comes from the real homework of students in the education scene and the scene of the test paper. It contain 16k train image and 4k test imageIt contain cell Topology, cell content and all cell location groudtruth TAL_OCR_TABLE

2.2 Comparison of datasets for table structure recognition.

Dataset Cell Topology Cell content Cell Location Table Location

For these datasets, cell bounding boxes are given for non-blank cells only and exclude any non-text portion of a cell.

3. Other technical solutions

PRCV2021 Table Recognition Technology Challenge

ICDAR 2021 Competition on Scientfic Literature Parsing TaskB: Table Recognition to HTML


A curated list of resources dedicated to table recognition