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Localized Electron app to monitor Kubernetes error logs and Prometheus metrics

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Kubiquity is a real-time Kubernetes error-monitoring tool. Kubiquity runs locally as an Electron application and incorporates Prometheus metrics queries for a cluster's CPU and memory usage by node.



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Visit our releases page to download the latest release for your operating system.

To package the app from the source code, fork and clone the repo, then run the following commands:

  1. yarn
  2. yarn run package-linux or yarn run package-win based on your OS.
  3. The app will be created and placed in the release-builds folder.

Usage Requirements

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  • To start, spin up a Kubernetes cluster.
  • If not already using Prometheus, follow these steps to install and run Prometheus: https://prometheus-community.github.io/helm-charts
  • Download the Kubiquity from our releases or package the app yourself
  • Start up Kubiquity

Planned implementations

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  • Add Mac OS support.
  • Add time travel debugging by saving a snapshot of the current state of the cluster.
  • Store and display CPU and memory usage over time.
  • Add recommended course of action based on warnings and errors.


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Kubiquity is currently in beta and is being actively developed by the K8sM8s team.

We also welcome contributions from the community. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact us at kubiquityapp@gmail.com or fork the project and submit a pull request.


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Copyright © 2021 k8sm8s.

This product is MIT licensed.

This product is accelerated by OS Labs.


Localized Electron app to monitor Kubernetes error logs and Prometheus metrics

License:MIT License


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