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Dockerized Facebook Demucs library to make it easy its execution

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Docker Facebook Demucs

This repository dockerizes Facebook Demucs to split music tracks into different tracks (bass, drums, voice, others).


Clone this repository

git clone https://github.com/xserrat/docker-facebook-demucs.git demucs

Split a music track

  1. Copy the track you want to split into the input folder (e.g., input/mysong.mp3).
  2. Execute demucs via the run job in the Makefile, specifying the track argument with only the name of the file:
make run track=mysong.mp3

This process will take some time the first time it is run, as the execution will:

  • Download the Docker image that is setup to run the facebook demucs script.
  • Download the pretrained models.
  • Execute demucs to split the track.

Subsequent runs will not need to download the Docker image or download the models, unless the model specified has not yet been used.


The following options are available when splitting music tracks with the run job:

Option Default Value Description
gpu false Enable Nvidia CUDA support (requires an Nvidia GPU).
model demucs The model used for audio separation. See https://github.com/facebookresearch/demucs#separating-tracks for a list of available models to use.
mp3output false Output separated audio in mp3 format instead of the default wav format.
splittrack Individual track to split/separate from the others (e.g., you only want to separate drums). Valid options are bass, drums, vocals and other. Other values may be allowed if the model can separate additional track types.

Example commands:

# Use the "fine tuned" demucs model
make run track=mysong.mp3 model=htdemucs_ft

# Enable Nvidia CUDA support and output separated audio in mp3 format
make run track=mysong.mp3 gpu=true mp3output=true

Run Interactively

To experiment with other demucs options on the command line, you can also run the Docker image interactively via the run-interactive job. Note that only the gpu option is applicable for this job.


make run-interactive gpu=true

Building the Image

The Docker image can be built locally via the build job:

make build


This repository is released under the MIT license as found in the LICENSE file.


Dockerized Facebook Demucs library to make it easy its execution

License:MIT License


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