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Papers from the computer science community to read and discuss.

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Papers We Love


Here are our official chapters. Let us know if you are interested in starting one in your city!

All of our meetups follow our Code of Conduct.

Past Presentations

View a complete list of past presentations or check out our Youtube and MixCloud (audio-only format) channels.

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We're looking for pull requests related to papers we should add, better organization of the papers we do have, and/or links to other paper-repos we should point to.

Other Good Places to Find Papers

Please check out our wiki-page for links to blogs, books, exchanges that are worth a good read.

How To Read a Paper

Reading a paper is not the same as reading a blogpost or a novel. Here are a few handy resources to help you get started.

Contributing Guidelines

We have a few guidelines in place to keep the repo clean and easy to navigate. We recommend that you follow these conventions in your pull-request for a speedy merge. Note that every pull request we receive must have Two-Thumbs-Up minimum from PWL organizers/collaborators to be merged.

Follow the group's ethos

We want to help bring academic research closer to practitioners and we strive to:

  • Keep the quality of papers listed high: Books, blogposts, and/or reference pdfs don't go through the same review process that academic papers do and we won't add them to this repo.
  • Help people understand why a paper is important: We ask that you include with your commit an update to the directory README with a short justification of why you love this paper (for example: A paper might be interesting because it spawned a new domain, it was exceptionally well-written, or perhaps it was completely wrong about something.)

Respect content licenses

  • We will only merge pull requests that contain research papers that allow digital distribution. Papers whose copyright prohibits redistribution will not be accepted; for example license 1 from the ACM digital library.
  • We encourage papers that do not allow digital distribution to be added to a README in the appropriate subject's folder. For example, the distributed systems README.

Follow our naming convention

  • Directory names are undercased and separated by underscores (example: artificial_intelligence)
  • Paper names are undercased and separated by dashes (example: out-of-the-tar-pit.pdf). Use the full title when possible.
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Papers from the computer science community to read and discuss.