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code and trained models for "Attentional Feature Fusion"

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Attentional Feature Fusion

MXNet/Gluon code for "Attentional Feature Fusion" https://arxiv.org/abs/2009.14082

What's in this repo so far:

  • Code, trained models, and training logs for ImageNet


  • If you are the reviewers of our submitted paper, please note that the accuracy of current implementation is a bit higher than the accuracy in the paper because it is a new implementation with a bag of tricks.
  • 如果您是我的学位论文评审专家,发现论文与这个 repo 的数字有些出入,那是因为在论文提交后我又将代码重新实现了一遍,添加了 AutoAugment、Label Smooting 这些技巧,所以目前这个 repo 中的分类准确率会比论文中的数字高一些,还请见谅。

Change Logs:

  • 2020-10-08: Re-implement the image classification code with a bag of tricks
  • 2020-09-29: Upload the image classification codes and trained models for the submitted paper

To Do:

  • Running AFF-ResNeXt-50 and AFF-ResNet-50 on ImageNet
  • Update Grad-CAM results on new trained models
  • Re-implement the segmentation code
  • Convert to PyTorch

In Progress:

  • Running iAFF-ResNeXt-50 on ImageNet


  • Re-implement the image classification code with a bag of tricks


Install MXNet and Gluon-CV:

pip install --upgrade mxnet-cu101 gluoncv

If you are going to use autoaugment:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade "mxnet_cu101<2.0.0"
python3 -m pip install autogluon


All trained model params and training logs are in ./params

The training commands / shell scripts are in cmd_scripts.txt


Architecture Params top-1 err.
ResNet-101 [1] 42.5M 23.2
Efficient-Channel-Attention-Net-101 [2] 42.5M 21.4
Attention-Augmented-ResNet-101 [3] 45.4M 21.3
SENet-101 [4] 49.4M 20.9
Gather-Excite-$\theta^{+}$-ResNet-101 [5] 58.4M 20.7
Local-Importance-Pooling-ResNet-101 [6] 42.9M 20.7
AFF-ResNet-50 (ours) 30.3M 20.3
iAFF-ResNet-50 (ours) 35.1M 20.2
iAFF-ResNeXt-50-32x4d (ours) 34.7M 19.78

PyTorch Version

@bobo0810 has contributed the PyTorch version. Please check the aff_pytorch directory for details.

Many thanks for @bobo0810 for his contribution.


Please cite our paper in your publications if our work helps your research. BibTeX reference is as follows.

  title   =  {Attentional Feature Fusion},
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code and trained models for "Attentional Feature Fusion"


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