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📚 Import academic publications from Bibtex to your Markdown website. 将Bibtex转换为Markdown网站

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Hugo Academic CLI

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📚 Import publications from your reference manager to Hugo


  • Import publications, including books, conference proceedings and journals, from your reference manager to your static site generator
    • Simply export a BibTeX file from your reference manager, such as Zotero, and provide this as the input
  • Hugo command pass-through


❤️ Support this open-source software

To help us develop this Academic CLI tool and the associated Wowchemy software sustainably under the MIT license, we ask all individuals and businesses that use it to help support its ongoing maintenance and development via sponsorship and contributing.

Support development of the Academic CLI:


  1. Create a Hugo website such as by using the Hugo Academic Starter template for the Wowchemy website builder
  2. Download your site from GitHub, installing Hugo and its dependencies
  3. Install Python 3.6+ if it’s not already installed
  4. Version control your website
    • Ideally, version control your site with Git so that you can review the proposed changes and accept or reject them without risking breaking your site
    • Otherwise, if not using Git, backup your site folder prior to running this tool


Open your Terminal or Command Prompt app and install the Academic CLI tool:

pip3 install -U academic

Alternatively, install Academic CLI v0.5.1 if you do not wish to install Hugo on your computer:

pip3 install academic==0.5.1

Or, help test the lastest development version:

pip3 install -U git+


Use the cd command to navigate to your website folder in the terminal:




Import publications:

Say we downloaded our publications from our reference manager, such as Zotero, to a file named my_publications.bib within the website folder. We can import them into the default content/publication/ folder with:

academic import --bibtex my_publications.bib

Import publications to a specific folder (e.g. content/zh/publication):

Say our site has multiple languages, we may want to output the publications to a specific folder with:

academic import --bibtex my_publications.bib --publication-dir content/zh/publication/

Optional arguments:

  • --publication-dir PUBLICATION_DIR Folder to import publications to (defaults to content/publication)
  • --overwrite Overwrite any existing publications in the output folder
  • --normalize Normalize tags by converting them to lowercase and capitalizing the first letter (e.g. "sciEnCE" -> "Science")
  • --featured Flag these publications as featured (to appear in Featured Publications widget)
  • --verbose or -v Show verbose messages
  • --help Help

After importing publications, a full text PDF and image can be associated with each item and further details added via extra parameters.

Run a Hugo command (pass-through):

academic server


Interested in contributing to open source and open science?

Learn how to contribute code on Github.

Check out the open issues and contribute a Pull Request.

For local development, clone this repository and use Pipenv to install the tool using the following commands:

git clone
cd hugo-academic-cli
pip3 install pipenv
pipenv install -e .

Preparing a contribution:

  • Lint: make lint
  • Format: make format
  • Test: make test


Copyright 2018-present George Cushen.

Licensed under the MIT License.

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📚 Import academic publications from Bibtex to your Markdown website. 将Bibtex转换为Markdown网站

License:MIT License


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