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Backup code to replicate the 2018 software developer pay report

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Highest-Paid Software Developer

Backup code to replicate the analysis from the post "Meet Dev, the Highest-Paid Software Developer in America"

.py code for the analysis and .ipynb Jupyter notebooks for the analysis and visualizations included.

Please submit pull requests with proper commentary if you have edits to the analysis.

If you find errors, please submit an issue detailing your concern, and I will respond as soon as possible. Same goes if you have some fundamental disagreement about the way the analysis was conducted.

Collaboration is a key element of open source, transparent research. Please contribute / criticize / discuss! Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings 😁

Free free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter. I always love meeting folks who have the same deep passion and commitment to tech.

Thanks go to Stack Overflow for assembling the underlying survey data used in this analysis


Backup code to replicate the 2018 software developer pay report



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