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Begin app

Home Page:https://begin.com

Geek Repo:Geek Repo

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Begin basic Svelte app + API

Begin build status

Svelte's starter app, extended by Begin-based API endpoints.

Deploy your own

Deploy to Begin

Deploy your own clone of this app to Begin!

Getting started

Project setup

npm install

Start the local dev server

npm run dev

Navigate to localhost:3333. You should see your app running. Edit a component file in src, save it, and reload the page to see your changes.

Begin Reference

  • Quickstart - basics on working locally, project structure, deploying, and accessing your Begin app
  • Creating new routes - basics on expanding the capabilities of your app

Head to docs.begin.com to learn more!

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Begin app


License:Apache License 2.0


Language:JavaScript 85.2%Language:CSS 7.8%Language:HTML 6.0%Language:Arc 1.1%