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Automatic Version Switching for Node

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Automatic Version Switching for Node.js


npm install -g avn avn-nvm avn-n
avn setup

Now when you cd into a directory with a .node-version file, avn will automatically detect the change and use your installed version manager to switch to that version of node. What goes in your .node-version file? A semver version number corresponding to the version of Node.js that your project uses.


avn supports the following version managers:

We don't recommend using all of these tools to manage your versions of node, but feel free to install all of them. They won't conflict with each other.


Plugins support a consistent syntax in the .node-version file for specifying the use of io.js rather than node. Simply add an iojs prefix. For instance: iojs-1.4 or iojs-v1.4.

Todo List

  • Support switching back to the previous version of node that you were using when you leave a directory.

Pull requests are welcome!


If you're having a problem, please cd to the directory where your .node-version file is stored and run (note the double-underscore prefix):


The contributing page has details about where to report your issue based on the version manager you use.

Also note that the avn setup command will only work with the version of node with which you installed it. If you install and then switch your node version, you'll get an error that avn can't be found. This is okay, but if you need to run the setup command again, simply npm install -g avn to get a new copy for your current node version.


Simply reinstall via npm & re-run the setup:

npm install -g avn avn-nvm avn-n
avn setup


This project is distributed under the MIT license.


npm rm -g avn; rm -r ~/.avn


Automatic Version Switching for Node

License:MIT License


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