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Arch Linux Easy Install

This is a set of scripts that I wrote after learning how to install Arch Linux. It essentially takes the core commands from the installation guide and condenses them into a script. I got irritated with doing all the steps after the 10th time I installed Arch by myself and thought this would be easier.

Who this is meant for:

  • A novice just wanting to install and use Arch Linux without understanding it in depth
  • An intermediate user like me who's tired of doing everything every single time

Who this is NOT meant for:

  • An expert user. You clearly know more than me
  • A novice/intermediate user who wants to learn what's going on behind the hood

I would also explicitly like to mention that though I find the whole process tedious now, it is by doing the installation those 10 times earlier that I really learnt and understood what was happening in the installation process. The Arch wiki is a stellar source of information, not just about Arch Linux, but about Linux and UNIX-style systems in general, and anyone wanting to gain exposure to Linux internals would be well-served by going through the whole installation process by themselves and/or referring to the wiki.


  • Copy/Download the repo into your live USB
  • Edit the configuration in arch_env to your liking
  • Once done, run source in the booted live USB
  • After installation is complete:
    • reboot and login
    • enable systemd-networkd, systemd-resolved, iwd and lightdm services (systemctl enable <services>)
    • restart your computer or start the above enabled services (systemctl start <services>)

Feel free to post issues and/or suggestions, though I may not respond to them for a while. Cheers.



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