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bashscript to link/unlink nginx server config files

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A simple bash script to link/ unlink nginx webserver config files from sites available to sites-enabled.

What is this repository for?

  • nginx link/unlinker
  • 1.0

How do I set it up?

  • Just mv|copy|link it to /usr/bin/nginxctl to make it usable

How to use?

  • nginxctl [ENTER] # lists args and existing servernames
  • nginxctl start servername [ENTER] # link servername into sites-enabled
  • nginxctl stop servername [ENTER] # unlink servername from sites-enabled
  • nginxctl reload [ENTER] # reload nginx server configs
  • nginxctl restart [ENTER] # restart nginx main server
  • nginxctl create servername 1 1 1[ENTER] # create servername config (php log index) # first param {0|1} add php-fpm stuff # secnd param {0|1} add logfile stuff # third param {0|1} add index file into webroot
  • nginxctl destroy servername [ENTER] # delete a server (remove all files!)


bashscript to link/unlink nginx server config files


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