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Painlessly write email templates using this project starter. Modernises EDM development by bringing both Browsersync and Webpack together, creating an automated inline-style compiler with all configuration exposed.


Download the zipped source files into a project directory.

Install dependencies

npm i

Edit templates in src/templates/ and start the watcher

npm start

This starts Browsersync and compiles templates using Webpack. Compiled files will output into dist/ with both the source and *_compiled.html version.

Navigate using your browser to view the example template


Making changes in src/ will automatically compile and refresh the page.

  ├ images
  │ └ ...
  ├ styles
  │ └ ...
  ├ templates
  | └ template.html
  ├ index.ejs
  ├ index.js
  └ styles.scss
  ├ browsersync.js
  ├ index.js
  └ webpack.js
  • src/images/ are moved to dist and can be used in the template relatively.

  • src/styles/ contains the structure of styles. It is recommended to follow the structure as it contains client-agnostic styles.

  • src/templates/ houses all templates. These are imposed into the index.ejs file's template directive.

  • src/index.ejs is the base for all templates. It not only serves as a template wrapper, but includes important non-conventional CSS required for email compatibility.

  • src/index.js required for webpack loaders.

  • src/styles.scss styles loaded by webpack. This should link up all styles in the project.

  • tasks/ configuration for webpack and browsersync.


Node v8 or greater


CSS Inliner Juice


Email CSS Inliner Webpack Starter


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