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Tincta is a one-window text editor for macOS with focus on speed, stability and ease of use.

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One-window text editor for Mac with focus on speed, stability and ease of use.

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Tincta comes with all the features you expect from a professional text editor:

  • Syntax coloring for over 65 languages
  • Search and replace with RegEx support
  • Fast and reliable line numbering
  • Full unicode support
  • Multiple built in color themes
  • Custom color themes
  • Fast and snappy native Mac app

And lots of useful little details that will make you love it:

  • Auto close brackets
  • Auto indent lines
  • Page guide
  • Automatically wrap lines
  • Full drag & drop support
  • Indent selected text with tab
  • Search and replace with RegEx support
  • Change case
  • Show invisible characters
  • Convert between text encodings
  • Convert line endings
  • Convert tabs/spaces
  • Spell checker
  • Printing
  • Block selection
  • Octopus icon

Official website and more product info

Here it is


If you encounter any bugs or other issues, please open an issue here on GitHub.


Just do it!
Feel free to pick any non-assigned issue and open a pull request with a fix.


It should just compile with XCode. There are two caveats, though:

  • We have our dev certificate setup in the project so you need to remove that or replace it with your own
  • The App Store build includes the Sentry crash reporter. The private key is defined in the SentryConfig.h which is not included in the source. There is a SentryConfig_Example.h that you can use for your own Sentry account. Or you can delete all references to it alltogether and remove the import from Tincta-AppStore-Prefix.pch

Support Development

Maintainance, App Store and website hosting is cross-financed from sales of Coding Friends' vocabulary learning app Wokabulary. If you are learning a foreign language and want to support development of Tincta, give Wokabulary a try.


Supported by the Spice Program


Tincta is a one-window text editor for macOS with focus on speed, stability and ease of use.


License:MIT License


Language:Objective-C 96.3%Language:HTML 1.9%Language:CSS 1.6%Language:C 0.2%