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A nice little compact text based calculator

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A nice little compact text based calculator

Latest changes:

2022-07-22 (v0.6.220722)

  • Python migration started
  • All features except the conversion tool have been ported
  • Ported stripped down version of complex calculation tool
  • Updated language support
  • Translation completed in English and Hungarian

2021-02-05 (v0.6.0205):

  • started replacing scanf functions with fgets
  • added core function "calcUnit". it replaces the old comands consisting of a lot of printf functions. it can be modified very easily
  • added "headerAdv" function which extends the abilities of the "header" function. it makes some printf lines be unnecesarry.
  • moved some strings from the convert header to the language header
  • replaced old library commands with the "libList" function. it also saves some lines
  • Hungarian translation is still incomplete
  • basic calculation mode doesn't work properly
  • removed some electrical and physics formulas

2021-02-04 (v0.6.0204):

  • Translated program from C++ to C
  • Removed the complex number functionality inlcuding complex.h
  • Removed stat.h
  • Changed develper company to from K.Tech to Seven Studios
  • Changed most floats to double
  • Added "cls" to header function
  • Changed formatting of main.c, language_en.h and language_hu.h to ISO 8859-2
  • Multiple language support
  • Added translation option in config.h
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Physics calculations now show formula next to the result
  • Added new main menu item: Library
  • The Library offers equations, definitions and formulas to the user
  • Added phyisics equations from calculator
  • Library translation for Hungarian required
  • scanf skip issue at acceleration calculation


A nice little compact text based calculator


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