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CryptoZombies - Content Localization

This repository is used to translate CryptoZombies to other languages.

The source content that should be used for all translations is in the en directory.

  1/ - content of Lesson 1
  N/ - content of Lesson N
  index.json - strings used in the UI
  share-template-msgs.json - strings used on the share page

Strings in index.json and share-template-msgs.json can contain parameters, these will be injected before the strings are displayed to the user. Parameters that are present in the source strings may appear in any position in the translated strings, or omitted entirely if it makes sense to do so.

NOTE: The syntax used to represent parameters differs between the two .json files. In index.json parameters are specified using {parameterName}, while in share-template-msgs.json parameters are specified using {{ .ParameterName }}.

Localizing for a new language

  1. Create a new branch off master.
  2. Create a new folder named after the locale code, e.g. jp (for Japanese), zh (for Chinese).
  3. Translate the content.
  4. Add index.ts to the new folder.
  5. Update index.ts in the root folder.
  6. Submit a PR against master.

Fixing Source Content or Localized Content

  1. Create a new branch off master.
  2. Fix fix fix.
  3. Submit a PR against master.


Contributors must assign copyright back to Loom Network for any contributions they make. Loom Network retains ownership of any derivative work created from original content.

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Lesson content for



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