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1. Download

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Yes, the download section comes first, because this is what most users are looking for anyway. You can download and run the installer/archive for your operating system from one of the mirror sites above. There is also a portable version available for Windows which stores all its application data inside the application folder.

2. Status

This section shows the latest build and test results for the master branch of the mirrored repository on Azure.

Test Results Build Status Build Status

Continuous Integration

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Nightly Builds

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Nightly?branchName=master&jobName=Ubuntu&label=Nightly%20 %20Ubuntu
Nightly?branchName=master&jobName=macOS&label=Nightly%20 %20macOS

3. Introduction

HakuNeko is a cross-platform downloader for manga and anime from various websites. HakuNeko was made to help users downloading media for circumstances that require offline usage. The philosophy is ad-hoc consumption, get it when you going to read/watch it. It is not meant to be a mass downloader to stock up thousands of chapters that are just collected and will probably never be read.

screenshot pages
Figure 1. HakuNeko - Chapter Page Preview


screenshot video
Figure 2. HakuNeko - Anime Playback

4. Development

For developer documentation please check the Wiki

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Manga & Anime Downloader for Linux, Windows & MacOS

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