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This is an Alpine Docker image that runs multitor. Multitor creates a Proxy with multiple TOR instances wich are load-balanced. For detailed information about multitor, check out .


git clone

cd docker-multitor

docker build -t multitor .

Quick Start

# By default, the container runs with 5 Tor instances, HAProxy (frontend) and Privoxy (broker), which implicate the load balancer. The proxy is set up with port 16379 and the container will be removed after use.

docker run --rm -p 16379:16379 evait/multitor

# Start 20 tor instances
docker run --rm -e "TOR_INSTANCES=20" -p 16379:16379 evait/multitor 


You can also start the container interactively

# run interactive
docker run --name multitor -it -p 16379:16379 evait/multitor /bin/bash
# start multitor inside the container
multitor --init 5 --user root --socks-port 9000 --control-port 9900 --proxy privoxy --haproxy

For detailed information on how multitor works and what options it provides, check out the multitor wiki

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