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Modular blog using Blazor with clean domain-driven design patterns

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BlogCore project

A blog application built with Blazor and clean domain-driven design patterns.


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Technical Stack

  • .NET SDK (v3.0.100-preview6) & NodeJS
  • Blazor v3.0.0-preview6
  • IdentityServer 4
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Protobuf v3.8.0
  • Swashbuckle v5.0.0-rc2
  • AdminLTE v3.0.0-beta.1

Run Application

$ cd src\BlogCore.Hosts.Web.Client\ && npm install && npm run copy && cd ../..

At this root folder

$ dotnet clean && dotnet run -p src\BlogCore.Hosts.Web.Server\BlogCore.Hosts.Web.Server.csproj
$ dotnet watch -p src/BlogCore.Hosts.Web.Server/BlogCore.Hosts.Web.Server.csproj run // live reloading

Open an another terminal and run

$ dotnet run -p src\BlogCore.Hosts.IdentityServer\BlogCore.Hosts.IdentityServer.csproj

Now, you can access to


Get code

git clone
cd blog-core

Start hacking it!!!

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2019 Thang Chung. Code released under the MIT License.

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Modular blog using Blazor with clean domain-driven design patterns

License:MIT License


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