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from deekfakes' faceswap:

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This is the code from deepfakes' faceswap project. Hope we can improve it together, HAVE FUN!

Message from deepfakes:

Whole project with training images and trained model (~300MB): or click here to download

Source code only: or click here to download


Python 3
Opencv 3
Tensorflow 1.3+(?)
Keras 2

you also need a modern GPU with CUDA support for best performance

How to run:


As you can see, the code is embarrassingly simple. I don't think it's worth the trouble to keep it secret from everyone. I believe the community are smart enough to finish the rest of the owl.

If there is any question, welcome to discuss here.

Some tips:

Reuse existing models will train much faster than start from nothing.
If there are not enough training data, start with someone looks similar, then switch the data.

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from deekfakes' faceswap:


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