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Helper tools for msgpack files

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msgpack Tools

msgpack has become a popular serialization tool, especially with common use in the SaltStack suite of tools. As a developer, I frequently have a need to look inside or even edit msgpack files. These are little tools that I have developed in order to help me out.


The packcat command emulates the cat command, after translating the file in question to a Python dictionary. The dictionary is displayed to the user in JSON format.


The packedit command will read a msgpack-encoded file, convert it to JSON, and open it for editing in the EDITOR that is defined in the shell environment. If no EDITOR is set, vim is used by default.


The packdiff command will read two msgpack-encoded files, convert them to JSON, and open them for editing in the DIFFTOOL that is defined in the shell environment. If no DIFFTOOL is set, vimdiff is used by default.

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Helper tools for msgpack files



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