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Ultrafast web framework for Cloudflare Workers, Deno, and Bun. Fast, but not only fast.

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Hono - [炎] means flame🔥 in Japanese - is a small, simple, and ultrafast web framework for Cloudflare Workers, Deno, Bun, and others.

import { Hono } from 'hono'
const app = new Hono()

app.get('/', (c) => c.text('Hono!!'))

export default app


  • Ultrafast - the router does not use linear loops.
  • Zero-dependencies - using only Service Worker and Web Standard API.
  • Middleware - built-in middleware, custom middleware, and third-party middleware.
  • TypeScript - first-class TypeScript support.
  • Multi-platform - works on Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute@Edge, Deno, or Bun.


Hono is fastest, compared to other routers for Cloudflare Workers.

hono - trie-router(default) x 389,510 ops/sec ±3.16% (85 runs sampled)
hono - regexp-router x 452,290 ops/sec ±2.64% (84 runs sampled)
itty-router x 206,013 ops/sec ±3.39% (90 runs sampled)
sunder x 323,131 ops/sec ±0.75% (97 runs sampled)
worktop x 191,218 ops/sec ±2.70% (91 runs sampled)
Fastest is hono - regexp-router
✨  Done in 43.56s.


The documentation is available on


Migration guide is available on docs/


Contributions Welcome! You can contribute in the following ways.

  • Fix bugs.
  • Create built-in or third-party middleware.
  • Propose new feature.
  • Refactor the code.
  • Write an article about Hono on your Blog.
  • Fix a typo.
  • etc.


Thanks to all contributors! Especially, @metrue and @usualoma!


Yusuke Wada


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


Ultrafast web framework for Cloudflare Workers, Deno, and Bun. Fast, but not only fast.

License:MIT License


Language:TypeScript 96.6%Language:JavaScript 3.4%