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Flutter Tips & Tricks

A collection of all the Flutter tips & tricks I share on Twitter. If you find this useful, give it a star! 🌟


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I'm adding new tips regularly (newest at the top πŸ‘‡). If you have a suggestion, send me a DM on Twitter!

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60 Do not use BuildContexts across async gaps (and what to do instead) link
59 Flutter Riverpod: How to Register a Listener during App Startup link link
58 Using test tags in Flutter link
57 Singletons in Flutter: Drawbacks link
56 Riverpod: Async init with Provider Overrides link
55 How to run multiple test variants link
54 Riverpod tip for less boilerplate (Passing Ref) link
53 How to Create DartPad Examples from GitHub Gists link link
52 How to Add a Custom Test Timeout in Flutter link link
51 Golden Image Testing with Robot Testing link
50 Dart 2.17: Enhanced Enums with Members link link
49 Dart 2.17: Super Initializers link link
48 Testing functions that throw link link
47 Why write automated tests? link
46 Riverpod: difference between,, ref.listen link
45 The Map.update() method link link
44 AsyncValue.guard() vs try/catch link link
43 How to write a reactive in-memory store with RxDart link
42 How to Generate and Analyze a Flutter Test Coverage Report in VSCode link link
41 Using Fake Repositories for Testing link
40 Anatomy of a Riverpod Provider link
39 Flutter Project Structure: Feature-first or Layer-first? link link
38 Popular architectures for Flutter development link link
37 Rules to follow for good app architecture link
36 GoRouter: go vs push link link
35 AsyncValue vs FutureBuilder & StreamBuilder link link
34 How to use WidgetsBindingObserver link
33 VSCode extensions to speed-up your Flutter workflow link link
32 Flutter tip: use composition aggressively link
31 How to use the Flutter Widget Inspector link
30 VSCode launch configurations link
29 Domain-Driven Exception Handling link
28 DDD: The Domain Model link
27 Better Comments Extension for VSCode link
26 Running tests with GitHub actions link
25 How to run Flutter Integration Tests at Hyper Speed link
24 Simplified Flutter App Localization link link
23 The Gap Widget link
22 App Development workflow in 6 steps link
21 Repositories as abstract classes (program to interfaces, not implementations) link link
20 How to configure multiple Firebase environments with FlutterFire CLI link
19 How to use Robot Testing to write more readable widget tests link
18 How to create a Flutter GridView with content-sized items link link
17 6 common sources of errors in Flutter apps link
16 Easily handle loading and error states link
15 AsyncValueWidget: a reusable Flutter widget to work with AsyncValue (using Riverpod) link link
14 How to navigate programmatically between tabs in Flutter link
13 Responsive Flutter card layout with SizedBox & Center link
12 How to Validate a TextField in Flutter link link
11 How to Style an ElevatedButton in Flutter link link
10 How to Generate Fake data with the Faker package link
9 Chat UI with message bubbles (revisited) link
8 Chat UI with message bubbles link link
7 How to set the border radius on a Flutter container link
6 Flutter Fix all command link
5 Use the DevTools to identify Jank and Shader compilation issues link
4 Flutter Lints package link
3 Accept payments with the Stripe SDK link
2 Flutter create --sample link
1 Flutter reusable Split View on mobile, desktop and web link link

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My Flutter Tips & Tricks on Twitter πŸ‘‡

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