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Swift/Coroutines interop

This is the code associated with this updated blog post on Coroutines and Swift interop. If you can here from the first version, you can find the original sample code on the v1 branch

The shared directory contains Kotlin code, including a ThingRepository in common and a wrapper ThingRespositoryIos in the ios sources, which makes use of interop utilities in SwiftCoroutines.kt.

The Kotlin code is consumed by an Xcode project in the ios directory. In there, RxSwiftWrappers.swift defines the RxSwift linkages to the coroutine wrappers in SwiftCoroutines.kt, and makes a demo call in SceneDelegate.swift. Additionally, CombineWrappers.swift defines equivalent Combine functions, with a demo call in SceneDelegate.swift as well as SwiftUI consumtion in SwiftUIDemo.swift. There are also unit tests in RxSwiftWrappersTests.swift and CombineWrappersTests which, while not exhaustive, verify most of the workings of the interop code, including checking multithreaded usage and cancellation.



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