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A Music Player App made with Flutter

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Awesome Music Player made with Flutter

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Music Search
Top Playlists
Local and Global Top 200 songs
Streaming (320kbps)
Add Songs to Favorite
Download Support (320kbps with ID3 tags)
Play Online as well as Offline Songs


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What's New



Song not downloading in Android 11.
Bottom Navigation Bar not changing with swipe.
Global Top 200 not showing correctly.
Song not stopping after app exit.
Notification couldn't be swiped to stop when paused.
Minor Bug fixes

New Features

Added Sleep Timer.
Added support for different music languages.
Added Shuffle and Repeat in Offline Mode.
Minor changes



Search bar remaining 3/4 after screen change.
TextField Color remaining blue/teal.
Notification image not showing in Offline play.
Offline songs not playing in order.
Download stop after screen changed.
Unplayable/failed songs showing in offline.

New Features

Added Sort option in Offline Music.
Added few gestures.
Added Last Session Playlists.


Create new Playlists, add or remove songs from them.
Change the accent colour of the app as well as the colour hue the way you like it.
Play screen no longer shows 'Unknown' during the song loading.
Fixed colour issues in the Light theme.
Changed about page.
Few bug fixes.


A Music Player App made with Flutter

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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