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GNU readline for interactive Tcl shells

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tclreadline -- gnu readline for tcl

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2014, Johannes Zellner johannes@zellner.org This software is copyright under the BSD license.

This directory contains the sources and documentation for tclreadline, which builds a connection between tcl and the gnu readline.

This is a fork of the project maintained at https://github.com/flightaware/tclreadline, to use a simple Tcl script for building and installing.


The tclreadline.n nroff man page in this release contains the reference manual entries for tclreadline. If you only want to use tclreadline as a tool for interactive script development, you don't have to read this manual page at all. Simply change your .tclshrc according to the section later in this file.

Compiling and installing tclreadline

This release requires Tcl 8.0 or higher and GNU readline 2.2 or higher and will probably only build under UNIX (Linux).

Move this folder where it should stay, then simply run ./install.tcl (depending on your Tcl installation, you may want to edit the lib_path and tcl_version). The installation will only drop a module file referencing this directory in Tcl's package path.

Using tclreadline for interactive tcl scripting.

Copy the relevant sections from sample.tclshrc into your $HOME/.tclshrc or $HOME/.wishrc.


GNU readline for interactive Tcl shells



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